Symfony 2.1.9 released

Warning: Symfony 2.1 is no longer supported. Consider upgrading your applications to the most recent Symfony version.

I've just released Symfony 2.1.9. It fixes quite a few bugs. Here are some of the most interesting ones:

  • b2080c4: [HttpFoundation] Remove Cache-Control when using https download via IE<9 (fixes #6750)
  • 3e40c17: [HttpKernel] fixed locale management when exiting sub-requests
  • 0eff68f: Fix REMOTE_ADDR for cached subrequests
  • 42d3c4c: added support for the X-Forwarded-For header (closes #6982, closes #7000)
  • 6a9c510: fixed the IP address in HttpCache when calling the backend
  • 3615e19: [Security] fixed session creation on login (closes #7011)
  • ddf4678: [HttpFoundation] fixed the creation of sub-requests under some circumstancies (closes #6923, closes #6936)
  • 8ca00c5: [Security] fixed session creation when none is needed (closes #6917)
  • ce38069: [FrameworkBundle] fixed Client::doRequest that must call its parent method (closes #6737)
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The commits listed all appears to be from 2.1.8, not 2.1.9.
Hi Magnus,

You are correct. Here is the latest commits

2.1.9 (2013-03-26)

9875c4b: Added '@@' escaping strategy for YamlFileLoader and YamlDumper
bbcdfe2: [Yaml] fixed bugs with folded scalar parsing
5afea04: [Form] made DefaultCsrfProvider using session_status() when available
c928ddc: [HttpFoudantion] fixed Request::getPreferredLanguage()
e6b7515: [DomCrawler] added support for query string with slash
17dc2ff: [HttpRequest] fixes Request::getLanguages() bug
e51432a: sub-requests are now created with the same class as their parent
ef53456: [DoctrineBridge] Avoids blob values to be logged by doctrine
6575df6: [Security] use current request attributes to generate redirect url?
7216cb0: [Validator] fix showing wrong max file size for upload errors
c423f16: [2.1][TwigBridge] Fixes Issue #7342 in TwigBridge
7d87ecd: [FrameworkBundle] fixed cahe:clear command's warmup
fe4cc24: [TwigBridge] fixed fixed scope & trans_default_domain node visitor
fc47589: [BrowserKit] added ability to ignored malformed set-cookie header
5bc30bb: [Translation] added xliff loader/dumper with resname support
7241be9: [Finder] fixed a potential issue on Solaris where INF value is wrong (refs #7269)
1d3da29: [FrameworkBundle] avoids cache:clear to break if new/old folders already exist
b9cdb9a: [HttpKernel] Fixed possible profiler token collision (closes #7272, closes #7171)
d1f5d25: [FrameworkBundle] Fixes invalid serialized objects in cache
c82c754: RedisProfilerStorage wrong db-number/index-number selected
e86fefa: Unset loading[$id] in ContainerBuilder on exception
73bead7: [ClassLoader] made DebugClassLoader idempotent
a4ec677: [DomCrawler] Fix relative path handling in links
6681df0: [Console] fixed StringInput binding
5b19c89: [Console] fixed unparsed StringInput tokens
bae83c7: [TwigBridge] fixed trans twig extractor
8f8ba38: [DomCrawler] fix handling of schemes by Link::getUri()
83382bc: [TwigBridge] fixed the translator extractor that were not trimming the text in trans tags (closes #7056)
b1ea8e5: Fixed handling absent href attribute in base tag
8d9cd42: Routing issue with installation in a sub-directory ref:
0690709: added a DebuClassLoader::findFile() method to make the wrapping less invasive
635b1fc: StringInput resets the given options.

Any how symfony rocks
The web debug toolbar pushes the Propel button off the end (hidden when viewing an action, wrapped when viewing the profiler output) in this release. Very minor issue though!

Thanks for the release.
Thanks for the release.
Id et some troubleshooting with the b2080c4, thk for ne release.

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