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Symfony 2.2.1 released

Warning: Symfony 2.2 is no longer supported. Consider upgrading your applications to the most recent Symfony version.

I've just released Symfony 2.2.1. Since the release of 2.2.0, the community has been hard at work to fix some annoying issues. Here are the main changes:

  • 751abe1: Doctrine cannot handle bare random non-utf8 strings
  • 673fd9b: idAsIndex should be true with a smallint or bigint id field.
  • 64a1d39: Fixed long multibyte parameter logging in DbalLogger:startQuery
  • 4cf06c1: Keep the file extension in the temporary copy and test that it exists (closes #7482)
  • 64ac34d: [Security] fixed wrong interface
  • 9875c4b: Added '@@' escaping strategy for YamlFileLoader and YamlDumper
  • bbcdfe2: [Yaml] fixed bugs with folded scalar parsing
  • 5afea04: [Form] made DefaultCsrfProvider using session_status() when available
  • c928ddc: [HttpFoudantion] fixed Request::getPreferredLanguage()
  • e6b7515: [DomCrawler] added support for query string with slash
  • 633c051: Fixed invalid file path for hiddeninput.exe on Windows.
  • 7ef90d2: fix xsd definition for strict-requirements
  • 39445c5: [WebProfilerBundle] Fixed the toolbar styles to apply them in IE8
  • 601da45: [ClassLoader] fixed heredocs handling
  • 17dc2ff: [HttpRequest] fixes Request::getLanguages() bug
  • 67fbbac: [DoctrineBridge] Fixed non-utf-8 recognition
  • e51432a: sub-requests are now created with the same class as their parent
  • cc3a40e: [FrameworkBundle] changed temp kernel name in cache:clear
  • d7a7434: [Routing] fix url generation for optional parameter having a null value
  • ef53456: [DoctrineBridge] Avoids blob values to be logged by doctrine
  • 6575df6: [Security] use current request attributes to generate redirect url?
  • 7216cb0: [Validator] fix showing wrong max file size for upload errors
  • c423f16: [2.1][TwigBridge] Fixes Issue #7342 in TwigBridge
  • 7d87ecd: [FrameworkBundle] fixed cahe:clear command's warmup
  • 5ad4bd1: [TwigBridge] now enter/leave scope on Twig_Node_Module
  • fe4cc24: [TwigBridge] fixed fixed scope & trans_default_domain node visitor
  • fc47589: [BrowserKit] added ability to ignored malformed set-cookie header
  • 602cdee: replace INF to PHP_INT_MAX inside Finder component.
  • 5bc30bb: [Translation] added xliff loader/dumper with resname support
  • 663c796: Property accessor custom array object fix
  • 4f3771d: [2.2][HttpKernel] fixed wrong option name in FragmentHandler::fixOptions
  • a735cbd: fix xargs pipe to work with spaces in dir names
  • 15bf033: [FrameworkBundle] fix router debug command
  • d16d193: [FramworkBundle] removed unused property of trans update command
  • 523ef29: Fix warning for buildXml method
  • 7241be9: [Finder] fixed a potential issue on Solaris where INF value is wrong (refs #7269)
  • 1d3da29: [FrameworkBundle] avoids cache:clear to break if new/old folders already exist
  • b9cdb9a: [HttpKernel] Fixed possible profiler token collision (closes #7272, closes #7171)
  • d1f5d25: [FrameworkBundle] Fixes invalid serialized objects in cache
  • c82c754: RedisProfilerStorage wrong db-number/index-number selected
  • e86fefa: Unset loading[$id] in ContainerBuilder on exception
  • 709518b: Default validation message translation fix.
  • c0687cd: remove() should not use deprecated getParent() so it does not trigger deprecation internally
  • 708c0d3: adjust routing tests to not use prefix in addCollection
  • acff735: [Routing] trigger deprecation warning for deprecated features that will be removed in 2.3
  • 41ad9d8: [Routing] make xml loader more tolerant
  • 73bead7: [ClassLoader] made DebugClassLoader idempotent
  • a4ec677: [DomCrawler] Fix relative path handling in links
  • 6681df0: [Console] fixed StringInput binding
  • 5bf2f71: [Console] added deprecation annotation
  • 8d9cd42: Routing issue with installation in a sub-directory ref:
  • c97ee8d: [Translator] mention that the message id may also be an object that can be cast to string in TranslatorInterface and fix the IdentityTranslator that did not respect this
  • 5a36b2d: [Translator] fix MessageCatalogueInterface::getFallbackCatalogue that can return null
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Great work !!
Good news !!!
Very good. Thanks for the release.
Thank you for the good work :)
good job team!
Is the stability-level in the composer.json is still supposed to be alpha?

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