Symfony 2.2.1 released

I've just released Symfony 2.2.1. Since the release of 2.2.0, the community has been hard at work to fix some annoying issues. Here are the main changes:

  • 751abe1: Doctrine cannot handle bare random non-utf8 strings
  • 673fd9b: idAsIndex should be true with a smallint or bigint id field.
  • 64a1d39: Fixed long multibyte parameter logging in DbalLogger:startQuery
  • 4cf06c1: Keep the file extension in the temporary copy and test that it exists (closes #7482)
  • 64ac34d: [Security] fixed wrong interface
  • 9875c4b: Added '@@' escaping strategy for YamlFileLoader and YamlDumper
  • bbcdfe2: [Yaml] fixed bugs with folded scalar parsing
  • 5afea04: [Form] made DefaultCsrfProvider using session_status() when available
  • c928ddc: [HttpFoudantion] fixed Request::getPreferredLanguage()
  • e6b7515: [DomCrawler] added support for query string with slash
  • 633c051: Fixed invalid file path for hiddeninput.exe on Windows.
  • 7ef90d2: fix xsd definition for strict-requirements
  • 39445c5: [WebProfilerBundle] Fixed the toolbar styles to apply them in IE8
  • 601da45: [ClassLoader] fixed heredocs handling
  • 17dc2ff: [HttpRequest] fixes Request::getLanguages() bug
  • 67fbbac: [DoctrineBridge] Fixed non-utf-8 recognition
  • e51432a: sub-requests are now created with the same class as their parent
  • cc3a40e: [FrameworkBundle] changed temp kernel name in cache:clear
  • d7a7434: [Routing] fix url generation for optional parameter having a null value
  • ef53456: [DoctrineBridge] Avoids blob values to be logged by doctrine
  • 6575df6: [Security] use current request attributes to generate redirect url?
  • 7216cb0: [Validator] fix showing wrong max file size for upload errors
  • c423f16: [2.1][TwigBridge] Fixes Issue #7342 in TwigBridge
  • 7d87ecd: [FrameworkBundle] fixed cahe:clear command's warmup
  • 5ad4bd1: [TwigBridge] now enter/leave scope on Twig_Node_Module
  • fe4cc24: [TwigBridge] fixed fixed scope & trans_default_domain node visitor
  • fc47589: [BrowserKit] added ability to ignored malformed set-cookie header
  • 602cdee: replace INF to PHP_INT_MAX inside Finder component.
  • 5bc30bb: [Translation] added xliff loader/dumper with resname support
  • 663c796: Property accessor custom array object fix
  • 4f3771d: [2.2][HttpKernel] fixed wrong option name in FragmentHandler::fixOptions
  • a735cbd: fix xargs pipe to work with spaces in dir names
  • 15bf033: [FrameworkBundle] fix router debug command
  • d16d193: [FramworkBundle] removed unused property of trans update command
  • 523ef29: Fix warning for buildXml method
  • 7241be9: [Finder] fixed a potential issue on Solaris where INF value is wrong (refs #7269)
  • 1d3da29: [FrameworkBundle] avoids cache:clear to break if new/old folders already exist
  • b9cdb9a: [HttpKernel] Fixed possible profiler token collision (closes #7272, closes #7171)
  • d1f5d25: [FrameworkBundle] Fixes invalid serialized objects in cache
  • c82c754: RedisProfilerStorage wrong db-number/index-number selected
  • e86fefa: Unset loading[$id] in ContainerBuilder on exception
  • 709518b: Default validation message translation fix.
  • c0687cd: remove() should not use deprecated getParent() so it does not trigger deprecation internally
  • 708c0d3: adjust routing tests to not use prefix in addCollection
  • acff735: [Routing] trigger deprecation warning for deprecated features that will be removed in 2.3
  • 41ad9d8: [Routing] make xml loader more tolerant
  • 73bead7: [ClassLoader] made DebugClassLoader idempotent
  • a4ec677: [DomCrawler] Fix relative path handling in links
  • 6681df0: [Console] fixed StringInput binding
  • 5bf2f71: [Console] added deprecation annotation
  • 8d9cd42: Routing issue with installation in a sub-directory ref:
  • c97ee8d: [Translator] mention that the message id may also be an object that can be cast to string in TranslatorInterface and fix the IdentityTranslator that did not respect this
  • 5a36b2d: [Translator] fix MessageCatalogueInterface::getFallbackCatalogue that can return null


Great work !!
Good news !!!
Very good. Thanks for the release.
Thank you for the good work :)
good job team!
Is the stability-level in the composer.json is still supposed to be alpha?

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