Symfony 2.2.2 released

Warning: Symfony 2.2 is no longer supported. Consider upgrading your applications to the most recent Symfony version.

I've just released Symfony 2.2.2. As 2.2.1 was released 2 months ago, there are quite a few bug fixes in this release:

  • 2038329: [Form] [Validator] Fixed post_max_size = 0 bug (Issue #8065)
  • 169c0b9: [Finder] Fix iteration fails with non-rewindable streams
  • 45b68e0: [Finder] Fix unexpected duplicate sub path related AppendIterator issue
  • 5321600: Fixed two bugs in HttpCache
  • 5c317b7: [Console] fix and refactor exit code handling
  • 1469953: [CssSelector] Fix :nth-last-child() translation
  • 91b8490: Fix Crawler::children() to not trigger a notice for childless node
  • 0a4837d: Fixed XML syntax.
  • a5441b2: Fixed parsing of leading blank lines in folded scalars. Closes #7989.
  • ef87ba7: [Form] Fixed a method name.
  • e8d5d16: Fixed Loader import
  • 60edc58: Fixed fatal error in normalize/denormalizeObject.
  • 05b987f: [Process] Cleanup tests & prevent assertion that kills randomly Travis-CI
  • e4913f8: [Filesystem] Fix regression introduced in 10dea948
  • 5b7e1e6: added a missing check for the provider key
  • b0e3ea5: [Validator] fixed wrong URL for XSD
  • 59b78c7: [Validator] Fixed: $traverse and $deep is passed to the visitor from Validator::validate()
  • bcb5400: [Form] Fixed transform()/reverseTransform() to always throw TransformationFailedExceptions
  • 7b2ebbf: [Form] Fixed: String validation groups are never interpreted as callbacks
  • 0610750: if the repository method returns an array ensure that it's internal poin...
  • dcced01: [Form] Improved multi-byte handling of NumberToLocalizedStringTransformer
  • 2b554d7: remove validation related headers when needed
  • 2a531d7: Fix getPort() returning 80 instead of 443 when X-FORWARDED-PROTO is set to https
  • 10dea94: [Filesystem] copy() is not working when open_basedir is set
  • 8757ad4: [Process] Fix #5594 : termsig must be used instead of stopsig in exceptions when a process is signaled
  • be34917: [Console] find command even if its name is a namespace too (closes #7860)
  • 3c97004: Reset all catalogues when adding resource to fallback locale (#7715, #7819)
  • 0fb35a4: Added reloading of fallback catalogues when calling addResource() (#7715)
  • 9e49bc8: Re-added context information to log list
  • 06e21ff: Filesystem::touch() not working with different owners (utime/atime issue)
  • d98118a: [Config] #7644 add tests for passing number looking attributes as strings
  • 36d057b: [HttpFoundation][BrowserKit] fixed path when converting a cookie to a string
  • 495d0e3: [HttpFoundation] fixed empty domain= in Cookie::__toString()
  • c2bc707: fixed detection of secure cookies received over https
  • af819a7: [2.2] Pass ESI header to subrequests
  • 54bcf5c: [Translator] added additional conversion for encodings other than utf-8
  • 67b5797: fixed source messages to accept pluralized messages [Validator][translation][japanese] add messages for new validator
  • 8a434ed: fix a DI circular reference recognition bug
  • 22bf965: [DependencyInjection] fixed wrong exception class
  • 5abf887: Fix default value handling for multi-value options
  • da156d3: fix overwriting of request's locale if attribute _locale is missing
  • 1adbe3c: [HttpKernel] truncate profiler token to 6 chars (see #7665)
  • d552e4c: [HttpFoundation] do not use server variable PATH_INFO because it is already decoded and thus symfony is fragile to double encoding of the path
  • 4c51ec7: Fix download over SSL using IE < 8 and binary file response
  • 46909fa: [Console] Fix merging of application definition, fixes #7068, replaces #7158
  • 972bde7: [HttpKernel] fixed the Kernel when the ClassLoader component is not available (closes #7406)
  • f163226: fixed output of bag values
  • 047212a: [Yaml] fixed handling an empty value
  • 94a9cdc: [Routing][XML Loader] Add a possibility to set a default value to null
  • 302d44f: [Console] fixed handling of "0" input on ask
  • 383a84b: fixed handling of "0" input on ask
  • 0f0c29c: [HttpFoundation] Fixed bug in key searching for NamespacedAttributeBag
  • 7fc429f: [Form] DateTimeToRfc3339Transformer use proper transformation exteption in reverse transformation
  • 9fcd2f6: [HttpFoundation] fixed the creation of sub-requests under some circumstances for IIS
  • 8a9e898: Fix finding ACLs from ObjectIdentity's with different types
  • a3826ab: #7531: [HttpKernel][Config] FileLocator adds NULL as global resource path
  • 9d71ebe: Fix autocompletion of command names when namespaces conflict
  • bec8ff1: Fix timeout in Process::stop method
  • 3780fdb: Fix Process timeout
  • 99256e4: [HttpKernel] Remove args from 5.3 stack traces to avoid filling log files, fixes #7259
  • e8cae94: fix overwriting of request's locale if attribute _locale is missing
  • c4da2d9: [HttpFoundation] getClientIp is fixed.
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Thank you very much.
Nice work, thanks a lot.
Thanks for your hard work!
Looking forward for the 2.3 release!!
Great, even though I am just counting down for 2.3 for my next project.
great job!

2.2.2 and 2.1.11 are released, it's the day of the great version numbers?
2.2? Where the duck is 2.3?!
@Olumani 2.3 is scheduled for today.
great!! Looking forward 2.3

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