Symfony 2.2.3 released

Warning: Symfony 2.2 is no longer supported. Consider upgrading your applications to the most recent Symfony version.

I've just released Symfony 2.2.3. It is mainly about small bug fixes and more important, some regressions have also been fixed:

  • c0da3ae: [Process] Disable exception on stream_select timeout
  • 77f2aa8: [HttpFoundation] fixed issue with session_regenerate_id (closes #7380)
  • bcbbb28: Throw exception if value is passed to VALUE_NONE input, long syntax
  • 6b71513: fixed date type format pattern regex
  • 842f3fa: do not re-register commands each time a ConsoleApplication is run
  • 0991cd0: [Process] moved env check to the Process class (refs #8227)
  • 8764944: fix issue where $_ENV contains array vals
  • 4139936: [DomCrawler] Fix handling file:// without a host
  • de289d2: [Form] corrected interface bind() method defined against in deprecation notice
  • 0c0a3e9: [Console] fixed regression when calling a command foo:bar if there is another one like foo:bar:baz (closes #8245)
  • 849f3ed: [Finder] Fix SplFileInfo::getContents isn't working with ssh2 protocol
  • 25e3abd: fix many-to-many Propel1 ModelChoiceList
  • bce6bd2: [DomCrawler] Fixed a fatal error when setting a value in a malformed field name.
  • 445b2e3: [Console] fix status code when Exception::getCode returns something like 0.1
  • bbfde62: Fixed exit code for exceptions with error code 0
  • afad9c7: instantiate valid commands only
  • 6d2135b: force the Content-Type to html in the web profiler controllers
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Great thx
Nice update!
great work, thx for the update!
Great, thanks! Next project in 2.3 gonna be awesome!
thanks to All

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