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Symfony 2.2.4 released

Warning: Symfony 2.2 is no longer supported. Consider upgrading your applications to the most recent Symfony version.

Symfony 2.2.4 has been released. It is mainly about small bug fixes:

  • 52e530d: Fixed NativeSessionStorage:regenerate when does not exists
  • bb59f40: Reverts JSON_NUMERIC_CHECK
  • 9c5f8c6: [Yaml] removed wrong comment removal inside a string block
  • 2dc1ee0: [HtppKernel] fixed inline fragment renderer
  • 06b69b8: fixed inline fragment renderer
  • 91bb757: ProgressHelper shows percentage complete.
  • 9d1004b: fix handling of a default 'template' as a string
  • 82dbaee: [HttpKernel] fixed the inline renderer when passing objects as attributes (closes #7124)
  • 6dbd1e1: [WebProfiler] fix content-type parameter
  • a830001: Passed the config when building the Configuration in ConfigurableExtension
  • c875d0a: [Form] fixed INF usage which does not work on Solaris (closes #8246)
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