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Symfony 2.2.8 released

Warning: Symfony 2.2 is no longer supported. Consider upgrading your applications to the most recent Symfony version.

First, due a stupid typo in the release of 2.2.7, you must know that this version is not useable. That's why we've immediately released 2.2.8, which contains the exact same changes as 2.2.7.

2.2.8 is a very interesting release as it contains a log of great fixes:

  • 8980954: bugix: CookieJar returns cookies with domain "" for domain ""
  • 3108c71: [Locale] added support for the position argument to NumberFormatter::parse()
  • 0774c79: [Locale] added some more stubs for the number formatter
  • e5282e8: [DomCrawler]Crawler guess charset from html
  • 0e80d88: fixes RequestDataCollector bug, visible when used on Drupal8
  • c8d0342: [Console] fixed exception rendering when nested styles
  • a47d663: [Console] fixed the formatter for single-char tags
  • c6c35b3: [Console] Escape exception message during the rendering of an exception
  • 0e437c5: [BrowserKit] Fixed the handling of parameters when redirecting
  • 958ec09: NativeSessionStorage regenerate
  • 0d6af5c: Use setTimeZone if this method exists.
  • 773e716: [HttpFoundation] Fixed the way path to directory is trimmed.
  • 42019f6: [Console] Fixed argument parsing when a single dash is passed.
  • b591419: [HttpFoundation] removed double-slashes (closes #8388)
  • 4f5b8f0: [HttpFoundation] tried to keep the original Request URI as much as possible to avoid different behavior between ::createFromGlobals() and ::create()
  • 4c1dbc7: [TwigBridge] fixed form rendering when used in a template with dynamic inheritance
  • 8444339: [HttpKernel] added a check for private event listeners/subscribers
  • ce7de37: [DependencyInjection] fixed a non-detected circular reference in PhpDumper (closes #8425)
  • 37102dc: [Process] Close unix pipes before calling proc_close to avoid a deadlock
  • 8c2a733: [HttpFoundation] fixed format duplication in Request
  • 1e75cf9: [Process] Fix #8970 : read output once the process is finished, enable pipe tests on Windows
  • ed83752: [Form] Fixed expanded choice field to be marked invalid when unknown choices are submitted
  • 30aa1de: [Form] Fixed ChoiceList::get*By*() methods to preserve order and array keys
  • 49f5027: [HttpKernel] fixer HInclude src (closes #8951)
  • c567262: Fixed escaping of service identifiers in configuration
  • 4a76c76: [Process][2.2] Fix Process component on windows
  • 65814ba: Request->getPort() should prefer HTTP_HOST over SERVER_PORT
  • e75d284: Fixing broken http auth digest in some circumstances (php-fpm + apache).
  • 899f176: [Security] fixed a leak in ExceptionListener
  • 2fd8a7a: [Security] fixed a leak in the ContextListener
  • 4e9d990: Ignore posix_istatty warnings
  • 2d34e78: [BrowserKit] fixed method/files/content when redirecting a request
  • 64e1655: [BrowserKit] removed some headers when redirecting a request
  • 96a4b00: [BrowserKit] fixed headers when redirecting if history is set to false (refs #8697)
  • c931eb7: [HttpKernel] fixed route parameters storage in the Request data collector (closes #8867)
  • 96bb731: optimized circular reference checker
  • 91234cd: [HttpKernel] changed fragment URLs to be relative by default (closes #8458)
  • 4922a80: [FrameworkBundle] added support for double-quoted strings in the extractor (closes #8797)
  • 0d07af8: [BrowserKit] Pass headers when followRedirect() is called
  • d400b5a: Return BC compatibility for @Route parameters and default values
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Take a look at This tool could help to avoid a future 2.2.7...
@Jeanmonod You can imagine that I'm not doing the release all by hand. I do have a set of tools to help me and that's when I updated one of them that I messed up things a bit.
Don't want to sound like an idiot... however. Why is 2.2.8 the latest release when 2.3.4 is a higher number?
I'm sorry. After a bit of a search I've realized 2.3 is LTS so I am assuming you release 2.2.# till 2.3 has been around a year then you will Jump to 2.4 as a LTS but carry on developing 2.3?
@Doug have a look at the Symfony release process here:

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