Symfony 2.3.2 released

Warning: Symfony 2.3 is no longer supported. Consider upgrading your applications to the most recent Symfony version.

Symfony 2.3.2 has been released. This release contains all the fixes made in the 2.2 branch and some additional fixes specific to the 2.3 branch. the full changelog reads as follows:

  • bb59f40: Reverts JSON_NUMERIC_CHECK
  • 9c5f8c6: [Yaml] removed wrong comment removal inside a string block
  • 2dc1ee0: [HtppKernel] fixed inline fragment renderer
  • 06b69b8: fixed inline fragment renderer
  • 91bb757: ProgressHelper shows percentage complete.
  • 9d1004b: fix handling of a default 'template' as a string
  • 82dbaee: [HttpKernel] fixed the inline renderer when passing objects as attributes (closes #7124)
  • 8bb4e4d: [DI] Fixed bug requesting non existing service from dumped frozen container
  • 6dbd1e1: [WebProfiler] fix content-type parameter
  • a830001: Passed the config when building the Configuration in ConfigurableExtension
  • c875d0a: [Form] fixed INF usage which does not work on Solaris (closes #8246)
  • ab1439e: [Console] Fixed the table rendering with multi-byte strings.
  • c0da3ae: [Process] Disable exception on stream_select timeout
  • 77f2aa8: [HttpFoundation] fixed issue with session_regenerate_id (closes #7380)
  • bcbbb28: Throw exception if value is passed to VALUE_NONE input, long syntax
  • 6b71513: fixed date type format pattern regex
  • b5ded81: [Security] fixed usage of the salt for the bcrypt encoder (refs #8210)
  • 842f3fa: do not re-register commands each time a ConsoleApplication is run
  • 0991cd0: [Process] moved env check to the Process class (refs #8227)
  • 8764944: fix issue where $_ENV contains array vals
  • 4139936: [DomCrawler] Fix handling file:// without a host
  • e65723c: fix-progressbar-start
  • aa79393: also consider alias in Container::has()
  • de289d2: [Form] corrected interface bind() method defined against in deprecation notice
  • 0c0a3e9: [Console] fixed regression when calling a command foo:bar if there is another one like foo:bar:baz (closes #8245)
  • 849f3ed: [Finder] Fix SplFileInfo::getContents isn't working with ssh2 protocol
  • 6d2135b: force the Content-Type to html in the web profiler controllers
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Awesome Update, thank you
Thanks. That's great.
Always perfect ...
I've created a new Symfony 2.3.2 project using composer and I'm getting this error:

FatalErrorException: Parse: syntax error, unexpected end of file in /code/newapp/app/cache/dev/appDevDebugProjectContainer.php line 3834

that error doesn't appear if a create a new Symfony 2.3.1 project.

I have php 5.5 installed in the vm where I created those projects.

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