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Symfony 2.3.4 released

Warning: Symfony 2.3 is no longer supported. Consider upgrading your applications to the most recent Symfony version.

Symfony 2.3.4 has just been released and it contains quite a lot of fixes since the last minor version:

  • f936b41: clearToken exception is thrown at wrong place.
  • ea480bd: [Form] Fixed Form::all() signature for PHP 5.3.3
  • e1f40f2: [Locale] Fixed: Locale::setDefault() throws no exception when "en" is passed
  • d0faf55: [Locale] Fixed: StubLocale::setDefault() throws no exception when "en" is passed
  • 566d79c: [Yaml] fixed embedded folded string parsing
  • 33b0a17: [Validator] fixed Boolean handling in XML constraint mappings (closes #5603)
  • 0951b8d: [Translation] Fixed regression: When only one rule is passed to transChoice(), this rule should be used
  • 4563f1b: [Yaml] Fix comment containing a colon on a scalar line being parsed as a hash.
  • 7e87eb1: fixed request format when forwarding a request
  • 07d14e5: [Form] Removed exception in Button::setData(): setData() is now always called for all elements in the form tree during the initialization of the tree
  • ccaaedf: [Form] PropertyPathMapper::mapDataToForms() always calls setData() on every child to ensure that all _DATA events were fired when the initialization phase is over (except for virtual forms)
  • 00bc270: [Form] Fixed: submit() reacts to dynamic modifications of the form children
  • c4636e1: added a functional test for locale handling in sub-requests
  • 05fdb12: Fixed issue #6932 - Inconsistent locale handling in subrequests
  • b3c3159: fixed locale of sub-requests when explicitely set by the developer (refs #8821)
  • 9bb7a3d: fixed request format of sub-requests when explicitely set by the developer (closes #8787)
  • fa35597: Sets _format attribute only if it wasn't set previously by the user.
  • f946108: fixed the format of the request used to render an exception
  • 51022c3: Fix typo in the check_path validator
  • 5f7219e: added a missing use statement (closes #8808)
  • 262879d: fix for Process:isSuccessful()
  • 0723c10: [Process] Use a consistent way to reset data of the process latest run
  • 85a9c9d: [HttpFoundation] Fixed removing a nonexisting namespaced attribute.
  • 191d320: [Validation] Fixed IdentityTranslator to pass correct Locale to MessageSelector
  • c6ecd83: SwiftMailerHandler in Monolog bridge now able to react to kernel.terminate event
  • 99adcf1: {HttpFoundation] [Session] fixed session compatibility with memcached/redis session storage
  • ab9a96b: Fixes for hasParameterOption and getParameterOption methods of ArgvInput
  • dbd0855: Added sleep() workaround for windows php rename bug
  • c342715: [Form] Fixed: Added "validation_groups" option to submit button
  • fa01e6b: [Process] Fix for #8754 (Timed-out processes are successful)
  • 909fab6: [Process] Fix #8742 : Signal-terminated processes are not successful
  • fa769a2: [Process] Add more precision to Process::stop timeout
  • 3ef517b: [Process] Fix #8739
  • 572ba68: [TwigBridge] removed superflous ; when rendering form_enctype() (closes #8660)
  • 18896d5a: [Validator] fixed the wrong isAbstract() check against the class (fixed #8589)
  • e8e76ec: [TwigBridge] Prevent code extension to display warning
  • 96aec0f: Fix internal sub-request creation
  • 6ed0fdf: [Form] Moved auto_initialize option to the BaseType
  • e47657d: Make sure ContextErrorException is loaded during compile time errors
  • 98f6969: Fix empty process argument escaping on Windows
  • 1a73b44: added missing support for the new output API in PHP 5.4+
  • e0c7d3d: Fixed bug introduced in #8675
  • 0b965fb: made the filesystem loader compatible with Twig 2.0
  • 8fa0453: [Intl] Updated stubs to reflect ICU 51.2
  • 322f880: replaced deprecated Twig features
  • 48338fc: Ignore null value in comparison validators
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Thank you very much.
Great news!!
- wanting to get home to make composer update

I was waiting for "7e87eb1: fixed request format when forwarding a request" especially.
Awesome, didn't realise that #6932 got fixed! thx! ;-)

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