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Symfony 2.3.4 released

Warning: This post is about an unsupported Symfony version. Some of this information may be out of date. Read the most recent Symfony Docs.

Symfony 2.3.4 has just been released and it contains quite a lot of fixes since the last minor version:

  • f936b41: clearToken exception is thrown at wrong place.
  • ea480bd: [Form] Fixed Form::all() signature for PHP 5.3.3
  • e1f40f2: [Locale] Fixed: Locale::setDefault() throws no exception when "en" is passed
  • d0faf55: [Locale] Fixed: StubLocale::setDefault() throws no exception when "en" is passed
  • 566d79c: [Yaml] fixed embedded folded string parsing
  • 33b0a17: [Validator] fixed Boolean handling in XML constraint mappings (closes #5603)
  • 0951b8d: [Translation] Fixed regression: When only one rule is passed to transChoice(), this rule should be used
  • 4563f1b: [Yaml] Fix comment containing a colon on a scalar line being parsed as a hash.
  • 7e87eb1: fixed request format when forwarding a request
  • 07d14e5: [Form] Removed exception in Button::setData(): setData() is now always called for all elements in the form tree during the initialization of the tree
  • ccaaedf: [Form] PropertyPathMapper::mapDataToForms() always calls setData() on every child to ensure that all _DATA events were fired when the initialization phase is over (except for virtual forms)
  • 00bc270: [Form] Fixed: submit() reacts to dynamic modifications of the form children
  • c4636e1: added a functional test for locale handling in sub-requests
  • 05fdb12: Fixed issue #6932 - Inconsistent locale handling in subrequests
  • b3c3159: fixed locale of sub-requests when explicitely set by the developer (refs #8821)
  • 9bb7a3d: fixed request format of sub-requests when explicitely set by the developer (closes #8787)
  • fa35597: Sets _format attribute only if it wasn't set previously by the user.
  • f946108: fixed the format of the request used to render an exception
  • 51022c3: Fix typo in the check_path validator
  • 5f7219e: added a missing use statement (closes #8808)
  • 262879d: fix for Process:isSuccessful()
  • 0723c10: [Process] Use a consistent way to reset data of the process latest run
  • 85a9c9d: [HttpFoundation] Fixed removing a nonexisting namespaced attribute.
  • 191d320: [Validation] Fixed IdentityTranslator to pass correct Locale to MessageSelector
  • c6ecd83: SwiftMailerHandler in Monolog bridge now able to react to kernel.terminate event
  • 99adcf1: {HttpFoundation] [Session] fixed session compatibility with memcached/redis session storage
  • ab9a96b: Fixes for hasParameterOption and getParameterOption methods of ArgvInput
  • dbd0855: Added sleep() workaround for windows php rename bug
  • c342715: [Form] Fixed: Added "validation_groups" option to submit button
  • fa01e6b: [Process] Fix for #8754 (Timed-out processes are successful)
  • 909fab6: [Process] Fix #8742 : Signal-terminated processes are not successful
  • fa769a2: [Process] Add more precision to Process::stop timeout
  • 3ef517b: [Process] Fix #8739
  • 572ba68: [TwigBridge] removed superflous ; when rendering form_enctype() (closes #8660)
  • 18896d5a: [Validator] fixed the wrong isAbstract() check against the class (fixed #8589)
  • e8e76ec: [TwigBridge] Prevent code extension to display warning
  • 96aec0f: Fix internal sub-request creation
  • 6ed0fdf: [Form] Moved auto_initialize option to the BaseType
  • e47657d: Make sure ContextErrorException is loaded during compile time errors
  • 98f6969: Fix empty process argument escaping on Windows
  • 1a73b44: added missing support for the new output API in PHP 5.4+
  • e0c7d3d: Fixed bug introduced in #8675
  • 0b965fb: made the filesystem loader compatible with Twig 2.0
  • 8fa0453: [Intl] Updated stubs to reflect ICU 51.2
  • 322f880: replaced deprecated Twig features
  • 48338fc: Ignore null value in comparison validators
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Thank you very much.
Great news!!
- wanting to get home to make composer update

I was waiting for "7e87eb1: fixed request format when forwarding a request" especially.
Awesome, didn't realise that #6932 got fixed! thx! ;-)

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