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Symfony 2.3.42 released

Warning: Symfony 2.3 is no longer supported. Consider upgrading your applications to the most recent Symfony version.

Symfony 2.3.42 has just been released. Here is a list of the most important changes:

  • bug #18908 [DependencyInjection] force enabling the external XML entity loaders (xabbuh)
  • bug #18893 [DependencyInjection] Skip deep reference check for 'service_container' (RobertMe)
  • bug #18812 Catch Throwable (fprochazka)
  • bug #18821 [Form] Removed UTC specification with timestamp (francisbesset)
  • bug #18861 Fix for #18843 (inso)
  • bug #18907 [Routing] Fix the annotation loader taking a class constant as a beginning of a class name (jakzal, nicolas-grekas)
  • bug #18864 [Console][DX] Fixed ambiguous error message when using a duplicate option shortcut (peterrehm)
  • bug #18844 [Yaml] fix exception contexts (xabbuh)
  • bug #18840 [Yaml] properly handle unindented collections (xabbuh)
  • bug #18839 People - person singularization (Keeo)
  • bug #18828 [Yaml] chomp newlines only at the end of YAML documents (xabbuh)
  • bug #18635 [Console] Prevent fatal error when calling Command::getHelper without helperSet (chalasr)
  • bug #18761 [Form] Modified iterator_to_array's 2nd parameter to false in ViolationMapper (issei-m)

WARNING: 2.3.42 is the last version for the Symfony 2.3 branch. If some of your projects are still using this version, consider upgrading as soon as possible. However, if you can't upgrade soon, SensioLabs provides extended support for Symfony 2.3 as part of its Support offer.

Want to upgrade to this new release? Fortunately, because Symfony protects backwards-compatibility very closely, this should be quite easy. Read our upgrade documentation to learn more.

Want to check the integrity of this new version? Read my blog post about signing releases .

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