Symfony 2.3 schedule update

We've been working on Symfony 2.3 for two months now, and feature freeze is happening today. The Symfony 2.3 release is kind of unique because this is the first long time support release for the Symfony 2 branch, but also because the timeframe is really short.

Even during these two short months, and since the release of Symfony 2.2.0, we have managed to merge 330+ pull requests (almost 6 per day -- which is a new record!).

I want to thank once again the Symfony community and all the contributors as everyone did a great job for this release.

Here is the release schedule until 2.3 final:

  • The Symfony 2.3 beta1 version will be released tomorrow (May 1st);
  • The beta2 version will be released between May 10th and 13th;
  • The first release candidate is scheduled to be released between May 17th and 19th;
  • Symfony 2.3 final will be released between May 29th and 31st.

If you follow the Symfony timeline closely, you have probably noticed that we have merged many pull requests and closed many issues during the last three weeks. Unfortunately, there are still some outstanding pull requests for which I've not decided yet if they can be included in 2.3. They are important as they fix outstanding problems or they can simplify the architecture of the framework in the long run. As taking a decision about their inclusion takes a bit more time, I have decided to allow them to be merged after 2.3 beta1 but before 2.3 beta2:

Of course, if you can help finish these pull requests, or just give us your opinion about them, that would help us lot in taking the right decision.

Come back tomorrow for Symfony 2.3 beta1!

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Thank you for your efforts Fabien! You did a great job at merging this huge amount of PRs.
Great work fabien!

And thanks to the great symfony community, almost every merged feature is already documented!!
Thank you for your great contributions to Symfony. Symfony is getting more stronger.
Thanks for your great job! But what about doctrine admin generator and pager component? Are in the roadmap somewhere?
Happy to see that you've changed your mind about "lazy services" :)
Thank you :)
Session start is a must if you use facebook/php sdk in your syfmony project, as an exception is raised from symfony2.2 core as the session already started.

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