Symfony 3.2.13 released

Symfony 3.2.13 has just been released. Here is a list of the most important changes:

  • bug #22244 [Console] Fix passing options with defaultCommand (@Jakub Sacha)
  • bug #23684 [Debug] Missing escape in debug output (@c960657)
  • bug #23654 [DI] Fix using private services in expressions (@nicolas-grekas)
  • bug #23662 [VarDumper] Adapt to php 7.2 changes (@nicolas-grekas)
  • bug #23649 [Form][TwigBridge] Don't render _method in form_rest() for a child form (@fmarchalemisys)
  • bug #23023 [DoctrineBridge][PropertyInfo] Added support for Doctrine Embeddables (@vudaltsov)
  • bug #23619 [Validator] Fix IbanValidator for ukrainian IBANs (@paroe)
  • bug #23586 Fix case sensitive sameSite cookie (@mikefrancis)
  • bug #23238 [Security] ensure the 'route' index is set before attempting to use it (@gsdevme)
  • bug #23330 [WebProfilerBundle] Fix full sized dump hovering in toolbar (@ogizanagi)
  • bug #23580 Fix login redirect when referer contains a query string (@fabpot)
  • bug #23558 [FrameworkBundle] fix ValidatorCacheWarmer: use serializing ArrayAdapter (@dmaicher)
  • bug #23574 [VarDumper] Move locale sniffing to dump() time (@nicolas-grekas)

WARNING: 3.2.13 is the last version for the Symfony 3.2 branch. If some of your projects are still using this version, consider upgrading as soon as possible. However, if you can't upgrade soon, note that we still provide security issue releases according to our release policy.

Want to upgrade to this new release? Fortunately, because Symfony protects backwards-compatibility very closely, this should be quite easy. Read our upgrade documentation to learn more.

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After upgrading 3.2.12 to 3.2.13 my dev environment slowed down considerably. The symfony initialization time went up from 50ms to 800+ms. I specifically downgraded do 3.2.12 and it's back to normal.

Do you have an idea what might be the cause?
About the previous comment, at the end all was a false alarm and there's no performance penalty when upgrading from 3.2.12 to 3.2.13. See

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