Symfony 3.3.0 released

Warning: This post is about an unsupported Symfony version. Some of this information may be out of date. Read the most recent Symfony Docs.

Symfony 3.3.0 has just been released. Here is a list of the most important changes:

  • bug #22940 [Config] Fallback to regular import when glob fails (@nicolas-grekas)
  • bug #22847 [Console] ChoiceQuestion must have choices (@ro0NL)
  • bug #22900 [FrameworkBundle][Console] Fix the override of a command registered by the kernel (@aaa2000)
  • bug #22930 Revert "bug #22925 [PhpUnitBridge] Adjust PHPUnit class_alias check (@nicolas-grekas)
  • bug #22910 [Filesystem] improve error handling in lock() (@xabbuh)
  • bug #22924 [Cache] Dont use pipelining with RedisCluster (@nicolas-grekas)
  • bug #22928 [WebProfilerBundle] Fixed options stub values display in form profiler (@HeahDude)
  • feature #22838 Make the simple exception pages match the new style (@javiereguiluz)
  • bug #22925 [PhpUnitBridge] Adjust PHPUnit class_alias check to also check for namespaced class (@GawainLynch)
  • bug #22718 [Console] Fixed different behaviour of key and value user inputs in multiple choice question (@borNfreee)
  • bug #22921 [FrameworkBundle] Only override getProjectDir if it exists in the kernel (@aschempp)
  • feature #22905 [FrameworkBundle][Validator] Move the PSR-11 factory to the component (@ogizanagi)
  • bug #22728 [HttpKernel] Fix kernel.project_dir extensibility (@chalasr)
  • bug #22829 [Yaml] fix colon without space deprecation (@xabbuh)
  • bug #22901 Fix missing abstract key in XmlDumper (@weaverryan)
  • bug #22912 [DI] Avoid private call to Container::has() (@ro0NL)
  • feature #22904 [HttpFoundation] Add Request::HEADER_X_FORWARDED_AWS_ELB const (@nicolas-grekas)
  • bug #22878 [Yaml] parse PHP constants in mapping keys (@xabbuh)
  • bug #22873 [HttpKernel] don't call getTrustedHeaderName() if possible (@xabbuh)
  • feature #22892 [ProxyManager] Add FC layer (@nicolas-grekas)
  • bug #22866 [DI] Check for privates before shared services (@ro0NL)
  • feature #22884 [DI] Add missing deprecation on Extension::getClassesToCompile (@nicolas-grekas)
  • bug #22874 [WebProfilerBundle] Fix sub-requests display in time profiler panel (@nicolas-grekas)
  • bug #22853 [Yaml] fix multiline block handling (@xabbuh)
  • bug #22872 [FrameworkBundle] Handle project dir in cache:clear command (@nicolas-grekas)
  • feature #22808 [FrameworkBundle][Validator] Deprecate passing validator instances/aliases over using the service locator (@ogizanagi)
  • bug #22857 [DI] Fix autowire error for inlined services (@weaverryan)
  • bug #22858 [SecurityBundle] Prevent auto-registration of UserPasswordEncoderCommand (@chalasr)
  • bug #22859 [Profiler][VarDumper] Fix searchbar css when in toolbar (@ogizanagi)
  • bug #22614 [Process] Fixed escaping arguments on Windows when inheritEnvironmentVariables is set to false (@maryo)
  • bug #22817 [PhpUnitBridge] optional error handler arguments (@xabbuh)
  • bug #22781 [DI][Serializer] Fix missing de(normalizer|coder) autoconfig (@ogizanagi)
  • bug #22790 [DependencyInjection] Fix dumping of RewindableGenerator with empty IteratorArgument (@meyerbaptiste)
  • bug #22787 [MonologBridge] Fix the Monlog ServerLogHandler from Hanging on Windows (@ChadSikorra)
  • bug #22768 Use as the server log command host default. (@ChadSikorra)
  • bug #22752 Improved how profiler errors are displayed on small screens (@javiereguiluz)

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Oh Yes! Thanks!
Awesome job, thank you all!
The Symfony installer still installs Symfony 3.2.9:

$ symfony new Symfony

✔ Symfony 3.2.9 was successfully installed. Now you can:

* Change your current directory to /home/eric/Documents/Symfony
* Configure your application in app/config/parameters.yml file.
* Run your application:
1. Execute the php bin/console server:run command.
2. Browse to the http://localhost:8000 URL.
* Read the documentation at
Awesome job people! I've been looking forward for this release!!! Tnx Fabien.
Thank u !
@troudbal should be fixed now - I think there was some delay in the Symfony installer's tar :).
Awesome job ...
Thanks !
I guess that would be useful if release notes will be sorted by issue type, severity\priority and component
It looks good, but the LdapClient seems to be broken from a default install. It reports a circular reference to itself.

You can reproduce the behavior by doing a default install and then adding the LdapClient part from here to your services.yml file

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