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Symfony 4: A new way to develop applications

During the last weeks, I published a series of blog posts about my vision for Symfony 4 on my personal blog. The last article of the series so far demonstrates how to bootstrap a project with Symfony 4 (by using Symfony 3.3).

If you want to learn more, here is the full list of the currently published blog posts:

Have a good read!

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Awesome series, love it in such ahead before release!
I've been following those posts and I already want to test the 1st Symfony 4 release
Interesting change, thanks for this series of publications.
Awesome, very interesting reading! Is symfony installer going away in Symfony 4?
Looks, sounds and tastes interesting.. I will definitely check it out.
Very interesting articles. But the quick demo article does not work like expected. I think it's because the are recipes just for 3.3 and not for 3.4.x-dev. To get it working like described in the article, I forked the symfony/skeleton repo and set the minimum-stability to alpha. After that I was able to install an working demo with this composer command:

composer create-project symfony/skeleton demo --repository='{"type":"vcs","url":""}' --stability dev

This is just a quick&dirty fix, and I'm sure this get fixed in the near future.
How is this going to work for Windows development when there is no native make command?

Will there be some kind of workaround or fallback?

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