symfony at PHP Paris forum

If you plan to go to the PHP Forum in Paris next week (Thursday 9 and Friday 10), this might be a good opportunity to meet with François and Fabien, who will be attending the Forum.

We'll probably organize an informal meeting (understand: in a place where we can drink) Thursday or Friday. Please send a message to the users mailing-list a few days before if you're interested.

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


Great !

Tristan and me will also be at PHP Forum Paris, where we will present the migration of the website of Richelieu Finance on a Symfony Platform :

Glad to see you there !

I wish I could be there guys. Have a Kronenberg for me ;)
It's time like this I hate living in Canada, no one ever comes here. All the big conferences are always in Europe and the US, and I haven't the time to travel so far :(

Have fun, and a drink for me!

Been in PHP London to spread symfony word a little bit, I won't be able to be in Paris the next week... :( It would have been nice.
I won't be there, but I'd have loved to!

Enjoy this time well, hope I will be able to join some events like this in th future!

Too bad, I didn't knew there was a PHP Forum in Paris :(
to all symfony developers,

i want to develop a site using Symfony and PHP... i manually configured Apache2+PHP5+PostgreSQL8 in windows..

it is all set. the only problem is this error message keeps on popping up....

Unable to initialize adapters. [wrapped: Unsupported Propel driver: postgreSQL: Check your configuration file]

this is my Databases.yml
class: sfPropelDatabase
phptype: psql
host: localhost
port: 5432
database: sampledb
username: root
password: rscomposgre
dsn: psql://root:[email protected]:5432/sampledb
datasource: propel

is there anyone there who can help me fixing this problems....

thanks in advance!

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