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symfony Camp

I'm at the symfony Camp. Yesterday was all about business. Today is the first technical day.

The weather is great, people are great... Everything is great. More than 40 people are there, this is just incredible!

The first session today was about the future of symfony. The goal of this presentation was to explain all the refactoring I've done recently for symfony 1.1 and to give some early insight on symfony 2.0.

Next, Dave Dash will talk about Zend Lucene and Dustin Whittle will talk about YUI. I think we will have a great afternoon.

You can see more photos of the camp on flickr.

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All very interesting, especially the stuff about the future of the symfony platform... when did you say it would be out again? ;-)
Seems to very interesting. I'm sorry I can't go the the camp! So I would read the PDF you've linked, but there's not already inline. It's seems I'm too yearning

@nautilebleu: yep, you're a bit too fast. My presentations are now online.
I've just finish to read. Very promising!!
the link to the first pdf in this article is dead..
@Markus Staab: oops, fixed now
Interesting news, seeing there is gonna be huge refactored code in the new versions, is there any point in developing with the old validation/form system? How much do we need to change in order to upgrade?
the new system will be backwards compatible, i read somewhere..

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