symfony case studies

As you might know, we will soon launch a new symfony website targeted for project managers, CTO and the press. This new website will provide information about symfony main features and it will explain the strength of the framework with non-technical words.

One of the main sections of the website will be the case studies. So, if you have built a major website with symfony and want to share your experience, can you please take some time to answer the following questions and send the questionnaire (with photos, images and screenshots) to fabien.potencier [at] You can answer the questions in English or French as the new website will be in French and English.

Here is the case studies questions:

Summary of the case (quick overview of the company, the project and the symfony usage).

About the company:

  • name
  • logo
  • field of work
  • description
  • some figures (number of employees, number of subsidiaries, ...)
  • website URL
  • country

About the project:

  • name
  • logo
  • website URL
  • screenshots
  • description
  • some figures (number of users, trafic, servers, time to market, number of devs, ...)
  • why symfony was chosen?
  • main symfony features used for the project
  • benefits of using symfony?
  • return on investment feedback


  • contact person with email (won't be published)
  • quote from project leader and decision makers, author name, position, photo

Feel free to provide more information if you want.



that's ok to send intranet projects? the project cant be access form outside but i can send screenshots. ok?
@Celso: You can send Intranet projects, no problem.
Getting Yahoo to contribute some info about their symfony related projects would probably raise an eyebrow or two among project managers, or anyone else, evaluating symfony as their choice of framework for the next project.

Anyone with connections within Yahoo should definitely pursue this opportunity! :-)
Eric's idea looks good, but definitely not until Symfony 1.1 with its form handling/validation rewritten from scratch is out, in order not to misguide some people. Waiting until Doctrine is stable enough to replace Propel 1.2 might also be a good idea before starting to explore the marketplace.
@eric: we intend to, it will just take a little bit of time.

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