Symfony Community and Business Awards 2013 are online!

In 2011, we celebrated the first edition of the Symfony Community Awards, which was only dedicated to reward the Symfony Community members. This year, we launched a new one: the Symfony Business Awards. So we’ll celebrate again the Symfony Community Awards with now the Symfony Business Awards! There are 18 awards divided into these 2 categories: Community and Business.

The Symfony Community Awards are the recognitions for the Symfony Community members who support the best the community through their work, contribution, help… To vote for them it’s very easy: you just need to indicate the name of the person you want to vote for per category (and you think who deserves the more the Award). You can only vote for one person and for yourself if you want to!

Here are the Symfony Community Awards categories: 1. Best Blogger 2. Best Community Support 3. Best Code Contributor 4. Best Documentation Contributor 5. Best Bundle of the year 6. Best Evangelist 7. Personality of the year 8. Best Jeopardy Player 9. Best Symfony Talk

The Symfony Business Awards will distinguish the best practical applications of the Symfony use run by companies. To be rewarded, you have to submit your application for the category you think your website can be the winner of! Fill in the form and submit your application. A special jury composed of outstanding Symfony Community members will examine all the applications submitted and chose the winner! No matter the size of your project, or the size of your website! This award category is a unique opportunity for you to make your project known! But don’t forget that you need to have the permission of your client to submit your application.

Here are the Symfony Business Awards categories: 1. Best Open-Source application of the year 2. Best mobile application of the year 3. Best User Experience of the year 4. Best B2C website of the year 5. Best B2B website of the year 6. Best Ecommerce website of the year 7. Best Social website of the year 8. Best Non-Profit website of the year 9. Best Symfony website of the year

You just need to be registered with your SensioLabsConnect account to submit your vote for both Symfony Awards categories. If you don’t have one yet (seriously, you don’t have one yet?), well, go create yours right now, it takes less than 1 min to create it: SensioLabsConnect. Deadline to vote for both Symfony Awards categories is on December 6th. Vote now!

To award all these prizes, we’re thus organizing a Symfony Awards Ceremony to announce all the results at SymfonyCon Warsaw 2013. You’re not dreaming, it will be almost like the Oscars Ceremony but without the tuxedo though ;)

By the way, if you’re not registered yet to SymfonyCon Warsaw 2013, hurry up really before sold out, only 10 tickets left!

And if you have any doubt concerning the rules, check them out!

So vote today! Good luck to everyone and see you in Warsaw!

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.

Symfony Community and Business Awards 2013 are online!

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