Symfony Community Survey 2017 Results

A few weeks ago, we launched the Symfony Community Survey 2017 to know more about you and how do you use Symfony. We received 2,811 answers and we'd like to thank you all for taking the time to fill in the survey. These results are invaluable for us and they will help us make better decisions.

These are the summarized results:

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Great! Very interesting!

quick side note:
"Do you use OS virtualization or containerization while developing Symfony applications?" is not a yes-or-no question ;)
@Christopher technically may not be an OR question, but the logic we applied was: do you (container || virtualization) OR (none of that) so that's why we treated as an OR question.
Good overview of the world of Symfony
Thanks for such a nice summary, I love graphs :)

Question to all: what was most surprising result for you?

For me, that 60 % of people go to workshop at least once a 2 months.
In our country it's more like ~15 %.
That is such a nice survey.

@Tomáš Votruba: For me it was that PhpStorm is mainly used for Symfony development.
@Tomáš, the most surprising results for me were:

* 83% of developers don't use Symfony-based projects (Drupal, eZ Platform, etc.)
* Only 7% of developers don't have side-projects
* 27% of developers don't contribute back to Symfony for "other reasons" (I'd love to know those "other reasons")
* 60% of developers train monthly or bi-monthly
very very nice article, thanks for the sharing with us.
Guess I'll have to wait until I'm on a desktop to view the results, that widget is next to useless on mobile
pretty happy jumping on SF bus this year. Trends are looking good.
to the last moment I was hoping to see Eclipse as IDE..
@Tomáš Votruba : the most surprising result to me was on the "Do you use OS virtualization or containerization while developing Symfony applications?" question. I am surprised that most of Symfony developers don't use tools like Vagrant or Docker.

Maybe that's related to the fact that a majority uses Linux and they use the same Linux version on their servers. But for Windows and Mac users, I am even more surprised!
Not really a surprise, but 73% of Symfonians use PHPStorm, it's huge! It really deserves it and its Symfony plugin helps a lot.
Slightly surprised at the 27% of Symfony devs who are choosing to suffer and not use PhpStorm
Wow. It's interesting to see such an overwhelming backing of PhpStorm by Symfony developers.

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