Symfony Components: The Dependency Injection Container

Some weeks ago, I introduced the symfony components project. The first component to be released was the YAML component.

Today, I'm excited to announce the immediate availability of the second symfony component, the Symfony Dependency Injection Container. This component is one of the core libraries that will power Symfony 2. But you don't need to wait for Symfony 2 to be released to benefit from it. You can start using it today and give us feedback.

As for YAML, the Symfony Dependency Injection Container has its own dedicated website:

Symfony Dependency Injection Container website

The component has already a full book dedicated to it, and a full API documentation.


It also sports a robust test suite with a 100% code coverage as you can see for yourself in the screenshot below.

100% coverage

As for all other symfony products, the component is monitored by the symfony continuous integration server, Sismo, and all the builds are publicly available.

Continuous Integration Server - Sismo
Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.

Symfony Components: The Dependency Injection Container

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Congratulations, another great component.
Fantastic, I've been hanging out for this. Great job!
Great! I'm very curious for the code. Thank you for your work!
How's the guy on the cover of the book? Is it you? :-)
Great job guys. One request on the site's design though - those yellow links are hard to read on that white background....

Looking forward to diving into the code/documentation ^-^
Thank you!
Loving it!
Still wondering what the mystery components will be.

[grammer ninja]
I'm pretty sure it should be "As with YAML..."
[/grammer ninja]
Congratulations guys!, can't wait to use it!
[grammer ninja]
Or much better "Like the YAML component, "
[/grammer ninja]
Really cool !!!
great piece of work! And what about this project called Sismo ? Is this available for download ?

oh, and

[pedantic spelling ninja]
[grammar ninja]
[/grammar ninja]
[pedantic spelling ninja]

Spelling is for saps, grammar is where the real money is at.

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