Symfony Core Team Updates

I have a lot of exciting news for you today.

First, I'm very happy to announce that long time contributors Robin Chalas and Maxime Steinhausser are formally joining the core team. With more than 200 pull requests each, it was time to recognize their impact on the project. Robin gets merge privileges on the Console, Security, and SecurityBundle components. Maxime gets them on Config, Console, Form, Serializer, DependencyInjection, and HttpKernel.

Ryan Weaver also gets merge access to the Security component and SecurityBundle. Ryan worked a lot on simplifying those components, but for some reasons, he didn't get merge privileges on those. That's fixed now!

Core team member Jakub Zalas takes over the Intl component.

It is also time to thank past core team members who have spent a lot of their time on Symfony but recently moved on. Bernhard Schussek and Abdellatif Ait boudad resigned from their core team member status. I want to thank them for all the work they have done on Symfony. Their dedication and work are much appreciated. Thank you!

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That's great news, especially for the Security Component and Bundle! Gratz to all! Sad to see 2 great contributors leave tough
What will happen to Form Component? Who will take over it?
Great news. Also a big thank you to Ryan for simplifying the Security component. The documentation is a lot clearly nowadays.
Just little mistake, "exciting" instead of "exiting" :)

Thx for the news ! :D
Special congratulations to Maxime and Robin, well deserved!
Congratulations guys ! Ça fait plaisir de voir d'autres lyonnais impliqués dans les projets de SensioLabs ;-)
Congratulations and keep on your good work.

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