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symfony Forms Book update

Today, I have added more than 40 pages in two new appendices to the symfony forms book: one about form widgets and the other about validators. These appendices describe all built-in widgets and validators, and also widgets and validators from sfPropelPlugin, sfDoctrinePlugin and sfFormExtraPlugin.

For each widget or validator, you will find a full description, all available options and configuration settings, and useful examples to illustrate the usage when needed.

You can already read these appendices online. But as they are also meant to act as a day-to-day reference, feel free to also download them as a PDF file.

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Great! Thanks!
Now you are talking :)
Nice job! We (Italian community) are already working for translation.
Just a little bug I noticed: in appendix A, there's a render bug in sfWidgetFormSchema "caution" box.
Really great news!thanks for your work
would be nice to see a prefix like "Appendix A" and "Appendix B" on
That's great, I really appreciate the hard work you guys put into documenting the framework.

Maybe it's a good time then to ask, whether or not there are plans to complete the missing chapters of the Forms Book in the nearest future?
Awesome, Thanks!
Kardie, well i would say its a bad moment to ask for more when you just recieved a lot. Chapters will be added. If they wouldnt be numbered as they are people wouldnt ask so much.
@Massimiliano Arione: fixed (this is a bug in the Markdown converter - the fix is to uppercase the first letter of the table tag, not nice, but it works)

@Markus.Staab: fixed
Thank you Fabien. We truly appreciate all of your time and effort, the documentation for symfony is the best of it's kind and keeps getting better!
This is great!!!
Thank you very much. This is something that was missing. It is very nice that you answer for users requests. Thank you again. God job!!!
thank you, guys

Please take a note of the difference between asking, whether or not there are plans to complete the chapters anytime soon (I would take "yes, they will be completed next year" for an aswer) and demanding attitude like "GIMME THAT DOCS NOW!! MOAR!!" ;)
@Kardie: The only missing chapter is the one about nested forms. It will take a bit more time to write, but be reassured that we are working on it.
That's good to hear. Thank you, Fabien.
Great work on the book. However I still face the same problem that I have reported in bug #4993.

Although the sfValidatorPropelUnique works fine when inserting new records, it will have problems in updating existing records if there is more than one unique column.

I am using symfony 1.2.2 and the problem still persists and there is no mention this is fixed elsewhere.

Is there anyone else here who is encountering the same issue?
@John - this isn't the best place for bug discussion. If there is no action on the ticket for a while, but it is a confirmed bug, then raise it on the devs list and, if you can, offer to create a test case if necessary.

Hope that helps :)
Are there plans to publish the forms book via Lulu, as well, when the last of the chapters have been added?

If not, please allow me to +1 the idea ;-)

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