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Symfony Live Berlin 2013

This year has already seen a few successful Symfony Live conferences in Paris, Portland, and London. But we got one more - Symfony Live Berlin is approaching fast! From November 7th to 8th, there will be again talks and workshops in Germany's capital city. Additionally, we will host a free hack day on Saturday, November 9th.

We will return to last year's location, the Umweltforum Berlin - an over 100 year old church!

What's different?

For the first time, we will have talks in German. Thursday 7th will be dedicated to German, Friday 8th to English talks. And to accommodate everyone, we will have both English and German workshops. Please check the full Schedule at

Symfony Certification Exam

During the 2nd conference day on Friday 8th, SensioLabs organizes a Symfony certification examination. Register to become a SensioLabs certified Symfony Developer.

After Conference Party

After the traditional PHP Jeopardy on Friday 8th, the conference is still not over - join the party, have free beers & snacks and enjoy a great time with all conference attendees and speakers.

Hack Day

Last but not least we're going to host a Hacking Day on Saturday 9th. The hack day is free for everyone!


SensioLabs Deutschland likes to thank all sponsors for supporting Symfony Live Berlin. Without them, a conference like this would not be possible: YMC, auxmoney, internetstores GmbH, Shopware AG, ECONA, trivago, WindowsAzure, ez Systems, O'Reilly, Open Source Press, Interlutions, ServerGrove, basecom, Qafoo, GFU, NERDHUB, SysEleven GmbH, devbliss GmbH, and AppDynamics!

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


Have fun guys! :)
That's great. I'm registered as well. See you there.

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