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Symfony Live Community Response

A conference such as Symfony Live always generates a lot of buzz. Especially when there are interesting announcements or rumours are made. This post will give you an overview of the community response to Symfony Live from various blogs and social networks.


A lot of people write about their experience at a conference like Symfony Live. Below is a list of blogposts about Symfony Live.







Did you write a blogpost about Symfony Live 2010, and was it not included in this list? Please link your post in the comments and we'll add it


Many of the PHP community are (amateur) photographers. And you can see that by the amount of photos published of the Symfony Live conference.

Did you make pictures and publish them somewhere, and are they not included in this list? Please link your photos in the comments and we'll add them


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The most direct feedback you can get is from Twitter these days and indeed there were quite a lot of tweets about Symfony Live. The following is an overview of some awesome tweets that used the official #sflive2010 tag:

  • "All #sflive2010 participants, have a lot of fun."- ElCondor35
  • "Symfony Live begins. Love the music #sflive2010" - nlisgo
  • "At #sflive2010 - internet for the first time in days is like a breath of fresh air" - weaverryan
  • "Talk about Internationalisation just finished. Already learned nice things. #sflive2010" - littledesign
  • "Admin generator - this will be one to check out if you're not here #sflive2010 @jcleveley" - weaverryan
  • "customer will chew our balls if we don't get some work done this week... come on Gods of the airborne Internets! #sflive2010" - RussMonkey
  • "#sflive2010 "GPL developers do exist in Redmond" OSTC: Linux geeks working at MS whose job is to improve open source performance on Windows" - tommybgoode
  • "#sflive2010 : makes a baguette worth traveling for 900km" - Stormsson
  • "we are at #sflive2010 in Paris, very nice conference and people!" - IDEATO
  • "BREAKING NEWS !!!! The #sflive2010 will be recorded (sound and video) this afternoon and tomorrow !" hhamon
  • "Our view from #sflive2010" boxlightmedia
  • "sfContext is anti-performance and anti-unitTesting #sflive2010" - sarahhaim
  • "blargarbel #sflive2010" - baarserik
  • "I just made my first comments, so should you!! The feedback really helps the speakers! #sflive2010 #joindin" - mvriel
  • "Doctrine migrations with @denderello - giving this topic more attention, which it deserves #sflive2010" - weaverryan
  • "I don't want to have pain in the ass when I put something up to the server re: Database migration #quoteoftheday #sflive2010" - nlisgo
  • "Doctrine Migration just rock ... O_o #sflive2010 thanks for this conference" - dfeyer
  • "Thx to @denderello doctrine migration presentation i have great ideas about improving our Scrum/XP/Kanban based dev process #sflive2010" - CyrilCottet
  • "#sflive2010: great people, lots of interesting discussions & new ideas - hope I'll be able to convince all devs to use #symfony for #phpBB4" - naderman
  • "Doctrine 2 presentation not disappointing. Great things to look forward to. @jwage #sflive2010" - nlisgo
  • "@jwage introduced the flush & clear antipattern to #doctrine2. finally PHP gets the problems Java has had for a while :-) #sflive2010" - CodingFabian
  • "@gerryvdm That's why we learn and try new stuff:) Not having a clue about something is just the first step to becoming an expert #sflive2010" - zegenie
  • "Symfony Offline backend interface based on HTML5 O_o nice work #sflive2010" - dfeyer
  • "Lol @skoop slide showing @stunami plugin sfImageTransform at number 10. Oh he was so chuffed it got to number 9! #sflive2010" - haswalt
  • "Sensio core team in a police lineup. Who done it?! #sflive2010" - nlisgo
  • "Cool discussions at #sflive2010 nice to see the core team together!" - evertjes
  • "OH: not everyone is the next Yahoo #sflive2010" - mvriel
  • "#sflive2010 What a big news !!! phpBB will be completely rewritten with Symfony 2.0 !" - garulfo2
  • "The real power of the symfony community revealed #sflive2010" - gilles_taupenas
  • "Symfony 2.0 there will be bundles instead of plugins #sflive2010" - hoeboe
  • "I enjoy the fact that Fabien is worried about spilling secrets to me at the #sflive2010 core team Q&A. ;-)" - weierophinney
  • "Breaking news : the next James Bond movie will be coded with #symfony2 #symfony2partout #sflive2010" - mbontemps
  • Keeping an eye on Symfony Live 2010. Will be interesting to see what is in Symfony 2. #sflive2010 - om4james
  • The room is slowly filling and the tension is rising: at the end of the day we will have seen sf2.0! #sflive2010 - mvriel
  • Youngest symfonian up early and ready for the last day of Symfony Live in Paris #sflive2010 - nlisgo
  • Sf2.0 speculations in the talks is increasing. #sflive2010 - mvriel
  • I was never sure if we should go for dependency injections in our devs but now i'm fully convinced we shall give it a try #sflive2010 - CyrilCottet
  • #sflive2010 OkAPI crew used Symfony components to avoid getting buried in maintenance of their own code. Very nice - tommybgoode
  • while is faster than for, ++$i is faster than $i++, array_* functions are inefficient - very cool #sflive2010 - weaverryan
  • #sflive2010 #php "Working by reference will usually make you waste memory" - futurecat
  • Xavier de Cock explains with great simplicity the OpCode #sflive2010 - sarahhaim
  • in_array & array_* function are performance killer #sflive2010 - dfeyer
  • coding live in front of 250 peoples ... big balls here ! #sflive2010 - omansour
  • Xavier de Cock gave good tips on how to write efficient code. Premature optimizations are evil but it's good to know this stuff #sflive2010 - jakub_zalas
  • I love git status. And how git add stages modified and new files #git #sflive2010 - nlisgo
  • all the buzz about git is starting to make sense - great git presentation at #sflive2010 - zegenie
  • Git introduction was the best talk so far! #sflive2010 - baarserik
  • Hot damn! The talk about #git was thus great I even did not get to tweet! #sflive2010 - mvriel
  • First sentence in Zend framework talk : "I'm not the enemy !" :) #sflive2010 - CyrilCottet
  • Great slide title in @weierophinney's session about sf/zf: "Service Layer Objects ar King". #sflive2010 - denderello
  • Liked @weierophinney talk on "integrating zend with symfony", touched things I really hate with sf with examples howto solve it #sflive2010 - bjori
  • The elePHPhant doesn't have a Symfony Live badge. Kick it's ass out of here!! @fabpot #sflive2010 - nlisgo
  • Never before has "sfContext::getInstance() kills kittens" sounded as ominous as when spoken by @denderello at #sflive2010... - h4ppydotcom
  • Some spunky transition effects by @kriswallsmith #sflive2010 - mvriel
  • so, for those not attending #sflive2010: we are looking for more case studies for the symfony blog. mail me (address on #symfony about page) - skoop
  • just had a great presentation about profiling and debugging symfony at #sflive2010 - sneakyvv
  • #sflive2010 2 things sounds medieval now: symfony 1.x and SVN. good news, symfony2 is hosted on git. - futurecat
  • #Symfony : a very fast dev environnement. It knows when to flush the cache #sflive2010 - vjousse
  • loved the conference! I'm totaly into Symfony 2.0 #sflive2010 - hoeboe
  • Standing ovations for Fabiens Symfony 2.0 presentation. #Symfony 2 and #Doctrine 2 combined will rule the world! #sflive2010 - chautzi
  • Dear #sflive2010: you rocked! Thank you! Dear Paris: I'm sorry I didn't have time to learn more French! Thanks for being so nice about it! - tommybgoode
  • Very impressed by @fabpot's work on Symfony 2. #sflive2010 - francoisz
  • Thank you core team for a great #sflive2010 conference. On my way back to Copenhagen. - lasserfar
  • In a git training at #sflive2010, @chacon is a great trainer. read the pro git book for free: - dustinwhittle
  • Thanks all for good time at #sflive2010. Hope eveyone gets home ok. I need to get home and rest my brain now! - haswalt
  • ok, i am sold, no more big conflicting merging session with svn, give me more git rebase #sflive2010 - el_boby
  • Had a great time at #sflive2010 , thanks to all the organisers. See you all at the after-party 25 Feb Sway Bar in London before #phpuk2010 ! - boxlightmedia
  • Arrived safely in Miami, very long day, up for 18hs and not done yet. What an awesome conference #sflive2010 - pgodel
  • #sflive2010 in one sentence: "Kill the magic. Less magic, less WTF". - orso80


Day 1 in french :
Day 2 in french :
In french :
My flickr set of the event :[email protected]/sets/72157623343411147/
Great write-up Stefan, thanks!
Hi Stefan,

I posted regularely (in German)
Hello Stefan, what about the contest winner ? I'm talking about the best picture during the and best case histor.

Thanks for this Stefan!

There's also an article about sflive2010 online on the website of the German T3N magazine.
I wrote posts with my insights from each day:

Day 1 won the award for best blog post of the conference. Post coming on Symfony 2.
I posted, in french :
added all the info from the comments again, thanks all :)

This is a better link for the pictures. They are not in a good quality, but they give an impression.
A brand new blogpost in French :

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