SymfonyWorld Online 2021 Winter Edition December 9 – 10, 2021 100% Online +20 talks and workshops

Symfony Live Day 1

Here is half of the way done at the moment. Symfony Live this year made us think our speakers can begin to live their own rock star life (see symfony stickers and you will feel confident about it). Yesterday morning at 8, some people were already waiting for their badge. Actually, they were right on time okay because the registration was beginning at 8... Unexpectedly it made us think at the first impression that the event were pushed from start by a high community pressure. For us, we could not be more pleased to see it.

Anyway... first issues were badge problems and #twitter would say far better than me what was the overall feeling about wifi connection. Anyway, after lunch, everybody pushed behind the not-so-unsignificant logistical problems.

The program of this tuesday was full of various subjects. Focusing on technical matters, we saw two interesting admin generator based sessions

  • to know how to customize it in details thanks to John Cleveley in the morning
  • and Thomas Parisot showing us the research Clever Age made to play with Google Gears and new HTML5 storage capabilities

Concerning I18N, Thomas Rabaix gave some methods to internationalize applications thanks to symfony core tools and plugins to ease the translation tasks.

A quite hard to build presentation aimed on symfony internals was held also by Geoffrey Bachelet.

The most important presentation of the day had been done to definitely know what Jonathan Wage has in mind to stabilize the upcoming Doctrine 2. Apart from this view of the future, the everyday task of making database schema migrations had been held by Dennis Benkert. Beyond giving some tips for command-line tools, he focused on how to migrate systematically and peacefully with Doctrine 1.2 migration tools based on good methods.

Then, the afternoon period went on with community aspects : how to contribute and what the core team makes with symfony for now and on. This part is quite important for the strength of the community. Microsoft making a chapter in 'More with symfony' book, beeing sfLive sponsor and holding a session about their Azure product used with PHP is a proof of that.

Find the slides of this Tuesday below. They are fully here for you to feel as you were here with us : enjoy your reading! To even improve your remote user experience, the sessions had been filmed starting from the afternoon. For the lucky ones being at symfony live, be prepared for today : it will reserve a bunch of other nice things.

Feel free to follow #sflive2010 in realtime and join us at the Github meetup tomorrow evening for the feedbacks and preparation of the GIT training session of Thursday!

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Wow, i love doctrine migration :-D. I was using something like this but manually (unfortunatelly for me it's not a PHP project xD). Keep an eye on Doctrine2 too!

Have fun at sfLive!
Nice presentations. I like Doctrine 2
I've finally put the "Working with the admin generator" slides on slideshare.

@Gilles Feel free to embed them on the blog post
@jcleveley : thanks, people now can get everything from the day
You can find the internationalization slides on slideshare.

@Gilles ping
thx @Thomas, the post is updated

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