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Symfony Live Paris 2012

Last week, 620 people attended the Symfony Live conference in Paris. The weather was not quite as expected, but the conference was full of attendees willing to share their experience with the framework.

John Kary did a wonderful job in collecting as many slides as possible:

Day 1

Day 2

Symfony Live was also the occasion to launch the Symfony Certification program. Congratulations to the first certified developers.

I also want to take the time to thank all our sponsors for this Symfony Live Edition:

If you live in the Americas, don't miss the Symfony Live Conference in San Francisco.

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I have now added mine as well at

better link to the event :)
You can also find quite a long summary of the event in my Symfony Live 2012 liveblog:
This is not "If you live in the Americas", but "If you live in the United States".

America is not only the United States country ;-)
This Symfony Live was the first i attended, and i'm very happy with everything i've seem. I'll definitely come back next year ;-)

Thanks for this event

There are people from other countries in the Americas that assist to the event in San Francisco, so I think Fabien is correct.
The videos of this year will be available just like we have last year? This will be awesome for those like me who can't participate.
Thanks for the links.
Do you plan to share videos??? Thank's for your work, it was a very interesting week.
Thanks so much for links :)
Hello, link seems to be down for the Designing HTTP Interfaces and RESTful Web Services - David Zülke slides
Thank you for the links. Hoping you will share the videos ;)
Working link:
Cool ! Thanks for all these interesting slides. ;)
Cool ! Where are the videos ??!! :-D
Thx for the summary
Yeah, locking forward to german conference in Berlin.. and thanks for all the slides!
The slides for my 'A unified SOAP/JSON API in Symfony2' talk are available here:

Thanks for a great conference!
Great conferences. For the first time I attended the sfLive, I saw some great speakers (I specially David Zülke and Grégoire Hubert, their talks were just amazing!).

Really looking forward to the videos so that I can catch up with the conferences I missed.
Thank you for sharing the material used during the Symfony live conference, it's really useful for those who couldn't attend it!

Any news on the beta release of Symfony 2.1?
congratelation sensiolabs :)

good, this is my first slide on "Symfony2 validation"

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