Symfony Live San Francisco 2012 is almost over!

After two days of conferences with great speakers, very interesting topics, a successful training day and an amazing cocktail party at Monarch, today's hacking day is the last day of Symfony Live San Francisco 2012. Thanks to all the speakers for their great sessions and thanks also to the last minute speakers of the lightning talks, you all did a very good job. The Q&A session was scheduled for the first time and it was a huge success, it was even hard to end this session with all the questions everyone still wanted to ask to the Symfony team, but keep them in mind for the next time!

And after a fun karaoke night yesterday evening, the bravest are currently attending the certification exam, good luck to all of them! While some are having a hard time with the exam, the others are working on many different topics in a relax atmosphere at the Hacking day but all of them are getting ready to eat the usual Hacking day pizzas!

The second edition of Symfony Live San Francisco was a huge success, thanks to all of you who attended the conference, we hoped you enjoyed it as much as we did while organizing it. Thanks again to our sponsors for contributing to make this event as successful: SensioLabs, Microsoft, CBS Interactive, Servergrove, Scalable Path, Eton Digital, eZ Systems, Knp Labs and Beatport.

Pictures are available on the SensioLabs facebook page, and don't forget to like the page!


Monarch was a blast. Looks like the Beatport link is incorrect.
Super happy with my first Symfony Live experience! Thanks to everyone that made this happen!
hope we don't see leaked videos of the karaoke on youtube :)
Psh, how do you know it's fun. You didn't show up! But it was a successful event. We look forward to the next.

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