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Symfony podcast at PHP architect

PHP architect will interview Fabien Potencier, the lead of the symfony project, on February 10th at 1PM EST (that's 7PM French time!).

From podcast.phparch.com:

In this interview, Marcus and Fabien will discuss the motivation for the Symfony framework, why you should consider using it and why Symfony is unique in the abundant landscape of PHP frameworks.

The podcast is public, but a free registration is required to watch it live. Make sure you signup if you're interested, you will even be able to express your opinions and ask questions during the interview.

The podcast should be available for download at symfony-project.com shortly after the interview.


Awesome. The publicity will be good.
You go guys! Thanks for the heads up about it.
I look forward to hear it. I love symfony.
looking forward to it. Hope the .6 beta is out by then
I take it that's 7PM and not 7AM.

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