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Symfony/Ruby on Rails argument?

As seen on various spots on the web, some people would like to throw names at each other comparing symfony to rails. Is it worth it?

Excerpt from jgchristopher's blog:

I really don't think there should be an argument. There is a language for every time and place. If you are more comfortable working with Ruby and you have an environment that supports/allows it, then go for it. If you are a Php programmer and want to make the most of your time, check out Symfony.

If you are bi-lingual then enjoy the best of both worlds!! Be aware though, Symfony is not Rails! While inspired by Rails, it doesn't mimic every aspect of it.

I really believe that this is the Php framework if you want to continue to use the request-based paradigm. If you are an event driven person then check out Prado.

Can't say better...

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Rails rocks, Symfony also rocks, no need to argue about that. Keep on doing good work like that!
Ruby rocks, Python rocks, PHP rocks, rocks rocks.

And rails rails !

Are there no Perl frameworks for the macho programmers ?, all other scripting languages seem to have one.

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