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symfony talks and conferences

This year again, the symfony core team will speak at some conferences.

Here is the main talks we will give in the coming months:

  • Fabien: March 12-14: "The symfony platform: Create your very own framework" at the PHP Quebec conference (Quebec)
  • Fabien/Dustin: April 14-17: The symfony project will have a booth at the MySQL conference (Santa Clara - California)
  • Dustin: April 22-25: "A Symfony Answer" at the O'reilly Web2.0 Expo (San Francisco - California)
  • Fabien: May 23-24: "What's new in symfony 1.1" at the PHPDay (Rimini - Italy)
  • Fabien/Stefan: June 13-14: "symfony Tutorial" at the Dutch PHP Conference (Amsterdam)
  • Fabien: June 13-14: "symfony: The PHP platform for professionals" at the Dutch PHP Conference (Amsterdam)

If you talk about symfony at a conference, at a camp, or if you organize some
symfony gathering, you can send me an email or add a comment to this post.



Sounds cool,
actions like these are very helpful spreading the project.
Too bad there wasn't a talk at FOSDEM 08.
Yeah, I had missed all about FOSDEM or I would've sent a proposal. I found out about it only two weeks before it took place, a bit too late ;)
I just published my slides from phplondon's 08 conference yesterday on my blog.


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