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Symfony website enhancements

The faithful readers have probably already noticed the three small changes that occurred today in the symfony project website:

  • The community page has been revamped to fit with the overall look and feel of the project website.
  • The syntax highlighting has been activated in the Trac source browser, so that those of you who frequently dig into the code to find answers when the documentation is lacking get to the point faster.
  • The default tickets page now shows tickets organized by milestone, which gives a better view of the near future of symfony releases.
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Syntax highlighting is a great idea! By the way, why not activate it in the askeet source browser too? Would be great!
Other small glitch: the titles of the weblog rss do not point to the articles permalinks but to the symfony website...
By the way, the ticket link does not work the same way from the forum. It points to the old tickets location (without milestone organisation).
Olivier: Thanks, it is fixed now
Love the Radiohead reference... :-)

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