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Symfony2: 2.0 RC1 released

That's it, Symfony2 RC1 has been packaged! You can download Symfony Standard Edition now.

We will probably have a few RCs before announcing the final release but the Symfony2 code should be fairly stable now.

The documentation has been augmented significantly with many new cookbook entries. However, be warned that everything is not yet up to date with the code; we will work hard on updating the documentation as soon as possible.

If you have projects that use an "old" Symfony Standard Edition, you can upgrade to Symfony2 RC1 pretty easily:

  • First, backup your project (or better, use a SCM like Git and create a new branch)

  • Get the deps, deps.lock, and bin/vendors.php files from Symfony2 RC1

  • Run the bin/vendors script to update the libraries stored in your vendor/ directory:

    $ ./bin/vendors install
  • Update your own code by following the instructions in the UPDATE file

  • Compare the following files (app/AppKernel.php, app/autoload.php, app/console, web/app.php, and web/app_dev.php) with the one in your project and update accordingly

  • Clear the cache and check that everything work fine

Upgrading to the next RC will be faster and much easier:

  • Replace deps.lock file with the deps.lock file for the version you want to upgrade to

  • Update the vendors:

    $ ./bin/vendors install
  • Clear the cache

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


Thank you all.
Great news ! Thanks
Great ! Let's play with the Generator !
That's great, but waiting' for a final release!
Congratulations for this important step! And thanks to all who participated in this for their hard work. You guys rock!
Thank you very much and congrats on the very important release!

That will be a very nice coding weekend =)
Thanks to every single people who made that dream become true !

Now let's code \o/
Great, good job
That's awesome news! Thanks!
Many thanks for all your work!
Great news
Definitely great news! However, you might want to fix the link targets of web/app.php and web/app_dev.php to avoid confusion :-)
Thanks for the hard work to make it happen! =)
Great news! Congrats for all the people making this framework possible.
Big day!

even for a new installation, I always get this error git: The requested URL returned error: 403 ...

Great news. Does that mean the API is not going to change now?

We are waiting the API fixation to migrate our symfony2.0 PR10 project.

Thanks for your hard work
In some case, you should restart apache to clean APC cache (or clean APC cache).
You should have also to update app/config/routing_dev.yml
Have you guys thought about packaging up the vendors.php script into a little script on its own? I've found it very useful so far to manage the dependencies on my Silex projects as well as keeping copies of the libraries up-to-date on disk to use in Zend Studio.

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