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Symfony2: 2.0 RC2 released

Last minute changes are never a good idea. Unfortunately, I did some just before RC1 and of course, I broke some features. Symfony 2.0 RC2 fixes those annoying regressions.

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Good to see that it happens to everyone of us one way or another. Well done on getting them fixed so quickly though!
So nice ! Congratulations to the dev team and thank you again for this awesome framework !
Not a big thing, but I like the "Run the demo" icon change :)
Thanks for the quick fix. In RC1 I had to download a doctrine-common in order to fix some issues. Hope this is covered as well.

Good news, as always :)
Cool! :)
Perfect!!... in the morning I try to create a bundle in windows and I got the base twig template for the controller and view. Now with the new version of symfony if I try to create a crud I get the paths of crud skeleton in the controller and views, any idea?
Great, I have spend weekend to find bugs and fix them. Problems were in Twig and bundle generation.

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