Symfony2 Hacks Day: Nice People, Hard Work, Big Success!

Woh! Last Saturday we gathered on IRC for a full, focused day on the Symfony2 documentation. We didn't know how many of you would show up, but the response was overwhelming! In addition to getting a lot done, we all got to hang out, and there was a spirit of collaboration, fun and politeness that made me very proud of our community!

But since we're all programmer geeks, let's look at some stats!

  • The hack day lasted for 16 hours, from 9AM Eastern European time to 5 PM Central US Time. Several people were there all day - spending 6, 8 12+ hours for no good reason other than to help us on the docs.

  • Over 40 new pull requests were opened.

  • When merging is finished, we'll have closed over 30 issues and put work towards numerous other issues and general improvements.

  • Over 35 people participated in one way or another.

  • The environment on IRC was proactive, efficient and really friendly. Ok, this isn't a stat - but it was an absolute pleasure working with people form our community.

A Pull Request is worth 1000 Words

And here's the beautiful portrait we painted, including bug fixes and new documentation!

  • 2396: Add documentation for POST raw JSON data
  • 2397: Document overridden form options
  • 2398: Adding description of how to test a command which expects user input
  • 2399: Document the usage of the php.ini save_path
  • 2400: remove the pattern option in DateType
  • 2401: Documenting the virtual option for types where it makes sense.
  • 2402: Improve serialization example
  • 2403: document DateType limitations
  • 2404: [Cookbook] Document how to install 3th party bundles
  • 2408: advance sample on internals rewrite
  • 2408: Assetic/uglifyjs cookbook article
  • 2408: Adding a testing/database cookbook
  • 2408: Document console verbosity levels
  • 2410: Add example Apache and Nginx server configuration
  • 2411: Bootstrap ClassMapGenerator docs
  • 2415: Minor grammar correction
  • 2415: new cookbook article on using empty data for form classes
  • 2416: Add documentation for the new BinaryFileResponse class (#1866)
  • 2417: Refactor: Dynamic forms cookbook entry
  • 2418: [book] [controller] Added documentation for static pages
  • 2420: setValues() instead of setValue() in DomCrawler
  • 2422: Add note about buffering in StreamedResponse.
  • 2423: FaceLift of book/controller.rst issue #2377 and book/templating.rst issue #2379
  • 2424: add note on service parameters regarding ScopeWideningInjectionException
  • 2425: Part of issue 2378
  • 2426: Added symlink information
  • 2427: [#2362] Documenting missing form options
  • 2428: add notes on collection and entity field types
  • 2429: Typo in form collections
  • 2430: Documenting the non-blocking features of the Process component
  • 2432: Facelift for book/routing - "Easy" level
  • 2432: Validator Documentation for Collection constraint Required/Optional options
  • 2432: Improve "Controllers as Services" article (+ interlinking)
  • 2434: Refactored docs to use adders/removers
  • 2435: [WIP] re-read of http-foundation component docs
  • 2436: Issue #2378. Minor additions. Implemented suggestions by WouterJ.
  • 2437: Fix YAML syntax so the parser renders the colors correctly
  • 2438: [#2347] Added missing 'kernel.fragment_renderer' DIC tag

A Shout to my Docs Friends

I also want to give very special thanks WouterJ. Wouter has exploded in activity in the docs over the past few months and is now a repository collaborator! He's the guy that will Stof your PR and be friendly while he does it. Wouter was a huge help in this event - working with me to do an immense amount of preparation, hosting the hack day in the morning, and staying for over 12 hours. If you see him online, give him a virtual high-five!

I also wanted to thank everyone that participated, including the people below and others not listed here who help out everyday on the docs (but couldn't be there for the hack day):

Next Time?

I know that many of you weren't able to participate this hack day due to the timing (Easter weekend). But don't worry! This was too much of a success to not try again, And to have incredible documentation, we need a full community effort! So, stay tuned for the future and mark your calendar for May 24th: the hack day for Symfony Live Portland. Even if you're not going (but oh my gosh you should be!, we'll make the documentation part of this hack day as inclusive as possible to everyone around the world.

Cheers friends!

Help the Symfony project!

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Symfony2 Hacks Day: Nice People, Hard Work, Big Success!

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thanks Ryan looking forward to portland
impressed by how this community respond.. amazing work Ryan, thanks
I popped in on IRC to see you guys at work, amazing job. Just wish I had a better knowledge of the components to contribute
Too bad I was not able to attend the Hack Day due to the dates!

Anyway +1 to all your good words to WouterJ, he has been always really helpful and nice while reviewing my PRs!

Looking forward to the next hack day, let's see if I can help then!

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