Symfony2 launch parties

Thursday is the day! That day, Symfony2 will be released. Of course, we don't want to let that pass without attention. So aside from the obvious "OMG IT'S OUT I NEED IT NOW" shout in the office that day, why not join fellow developers to celebrate the release of Symfony2? Several launch parties are scheduled already, and if there isn't one in your area, we invite you to organize one yourself!

If you want to organize your own launch party and get it promoted on this blog, please e-mail stefan [dot] koopmanschap [at] symfony-project [ dot ] org with the date, time and location (plus any other important information). We're aiming for launch parties to take place this thursday, friday or saturday but obviously you're free to organize the party whenever it works best for you!

Now for the currently scheduled parties. Of course, the country of Symfony2, France, has a launch party. In Paris, during a regular sfPot meeting, the Symfony2 release will be celebrated. Symfony fans are invited from 7:00pm on Thursday, 28th at the following location: The Lions Bar, 120 rue Montmartre - 75002 Paris

In Belgium, King Foo is organizing a Symfony2 launch party. They are also starting at 7:00pm on Thursday 28th. You can join the other symfonians in Leuven at Esperança (Cafe Alegria, Old Market Square/Oude Markt 31).

In The Netherlands, I am currently still busy organizing a launch party. I'm aiming at similar times as Belgium and France on Thursday, but I am anxiously searching for a good location. If any of you know of a nice office where we can organize this, please do let me know at stefan [dot] koopmanschap [at] symfony-project [ dot ] org.

And remember, contact me if you want me to add your local launch party to this blogpost!

UPDATE 26-07-2011

New events!

For those in the DC area in the USA, NationalField is organizing a launch party. This will take place on Thursday from 6PM to 9PM at NationalField's DC Headquarters, 1801 Connecticut Ave. NW. For more information or (free) registration, check this EventBrite page.

In the UK, people in the Sheffield area can join the guys of LimeThinking on Thursday at 8:30PM for some celebrations at the Rutlands Arms Pub.

Down under symfony fans don't have to worry either, at least if you lease in the Collingwood, Melbourne area! On Friday starting at 7:00PM, you can join the release party at the Flint Interactive HQ:

20 Easey St Collingwood Victoria AU 3066 Google maps

This event is free for all, but please RSVP here.

A small update on the Belgian event. There is now a page with some information here.

UPDATE 27-07-2011

People from Greece, get ready for a party! Tetrabytes in Patras are organizing a launch party on Thursday at 7:00PM. They do this at a place called Catamaran in Patras.

For those in Ensenada, Baja California México, there is a launch party waiting for you as well! Sperantus is organizing a party on Thursday at 7:00PM, at PAPIS PIZZERIA SPORT BAR, Avenida Ruiz entre Primera y Segunda, Ensenada, Baja California, México 22800.

Then, for those at the legendary OSCON conference, make sure to make your way to the Symfony2 booth at 4:00PM on Thursday, as the launch will be celebrated overthere, plus afterwards those who are interested can join to The Doug Fir Lounge afterwards.

Poland (more specifically, Silesia district), get ready for a BBQ! The awesome people at Software House XSolve and New Marketing Agency Chilid are organizing something special for you! Join them Thursday at 5:00PM at their office on Zygmunta Starego 24a street, Gliwice.

UPDATE 28-07-2011

Last-minute update! After trying many different locations, we've finally settled on Cafe Batavia 1920 for the location of the Dutch launch party. The bar is right outside the Amsterdam Central Station so very easy to reach for everyone. The event will start at 7:00PM TODAY. Come raise a glass on the launch of Symfony2!

In the comments, Eriksen Costa also announced a launch party in Sao Paolo. Party starts at 6:30PM at The Blue Pub, Al. Campinas, 69. Make sure to join them if you are there!

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


Is the Lion is fully booked for us? :-)
Anyone from London, UK wanna help organise a venue for this?
Anyone in Boston want to meet up for one?
@j0k We should make a call to the Lions bar to make sure they book some tables for us I think. I'm not sure we will be a lot of Symfony2 fans hanging out in a bar in July...
I'll be there (Belgium)
Sadly I won't make it for the Lions bar :(
Here, in Italy, we are ready!!!
Anything in Sweden?
You in Stockholm, Mikael? We are a couple of Symfony peeps here and I'm sure we could arrange something. is actually having a meetup this day, and while it isn't officially celebrating Symfony2... I'll be there and partying for Symfony2. You can bet your bottom dollar on that, gentlemen.
Anyone in Missouri? I know there are some of us on this side of the pond at least.
Hi, Fabien & Symfony2 team !
I hope the party you're talking about will be organized in Ukraine, Kiev.
Currently I'm looking for a good place )
Again, a lot of thanx for a good job !!
anyone in south america for a meetup breakfast exchange?
anyone in boulder?
Here in panama we are excited! finally version 2 is here!! ready to celebrate!!!
What about Switzerland? Is Liip AG organizing us some kind of nice party?
Alguém do Brasil?? São Paulo, SP.
*Anyone in Brazil? Sao Paulo, SP.
Hello I'm Alex from germany and would like a symfony party in germany... is there something in the row? Thank you!
anyone at Ensenada Baja California Mexico wanna join our festivity?
So, anyone in Cologne organizing a party? Interlutions?
Andrey: Interlutions is currently looking into the option of organizing one. If there will be one, this will be announced in this blogpost, as well as on twitter.
Hi All, is anyone interested in one in Edinburgh?

If so we can agree a pub somewhere I'm sure, there are enough of them :o)
I'll party when there's an admin generator ;)
I just made a Facebook event for the event in Paris (at The Lions) : Just subscribe here, it will help Hugo

Link to the event in Poland @XSolve HQ

Join us!
A symfony launch party @ Ensenada Mexico great, cuanta gente trabaja con symfony en Ensenda @Sergio ?
@Jesus Actualmente somos 4 desarrolladores de Symfony2, estás en LA? Lánzate, no estamos tan lejos!
There is someone form Ukraine, or maybe Cherkasy?
In São Paulo, Brazil, the people at Infranology will party with beer. Join us at 6:30PM in The Blue Pub, Al. Campinas, 69 (near Av. Paulista - Trianon Masp subway -
Diego estoy en Mexicali y el Centro CA mas cerca que de LA, pero salgo a LA desde manana por la tarde y por el fin de semana asi que no me sera posible asistir espero en otra ocacion
Great news! Somebody in Krasnoyarsk? I will be in “Beer diner” at 8 p.m. Meet me there :)
Hey folks,

Is there a lunch party in Austria somewhere? Would enjoy going there.

Herbert, are you close to Vienna? I'm in Bratislava right now and ready celebrate!
Congratulations on the great success!!!
Устроим вечеринку в Украине, на всю Украину! В Одессу нахер))
We are celebrating launch of Symfony2 here in Ulaanbaatar/Mongolia as well :) Join us if you are around here.
Need a launch party in Melbourne, Australia!!
Hey there's also a launch party in Montpellier, south of France.
At Shakespeare Pub since 19H00
12 Rue de la Petite Loge, 34000 Montpellier

all informations at:
Alguien de Uruguay se prende?
First photos from Xsolve:
First day of holiday. Thursday. Weekend party coming soon.

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