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Symfony2 PR12 released

We have just released Symfony2 PR12. It only contains small bug fixes and enhancements, but also a major security fix which allowed all users to switch to arbitrary accounts when the SwitchUserListener is activated (configurations which do not use the SwitchUserListener are not affected).

This is the last preview release as the form branch will be merged just after this release. As we will keep releasing one version per week, the first beta release of Symfony2 will be published next week.

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Does this mean that starting with the first bèta the features and API will be frozen and only bugs will be fixed? Or are there still planned changes?
This is the last preview release as the form branch will be merged just after this release. As we will keep releasing one version per week, the first beta release of Symfony2 will be published next week.

Great news
We appreciate all of the time and hard work the community has invested in this release.
the first beta release of Symfony2 will be published next week.--->
Great news!
very godd news
Does it means that the Symfony API will not be changed and only bugs will be fixed??
really great news! it's like an eastern present :)
Documentation: Will you begin publishing more documentation with the beta releases?
Thanks for your hard work guys!!!!! Looking forward the Symfony2 stable release!
Great!!! Im looking forward to this!
Great news.
Can you please answer the questions about API freeze and documentation. I am choosing a framework for the project that starts late May. Is it safe to use symfony 2 at the of May?

All classes, methods, and properties tagged with @api are public in the sense that we guarantee their stability over time: their name, signature, and behavior won't change for any minor version of the library
@Ilya : IMO, yes, because the form branch is actualy the blocking component, but he will be merged for next week in the first Beta
Very good news... thanks a lot for your hard work. I'm already working on a huge project that will be supported by Symfony2. :-)
Very good news, (all) your work is appreciated very much!
Great news! Looking forward to test this beta release! Thanks for your work.
Thank you very much for all this tremendous work. Looking forward to use it.
You guys at symfony are a bunch of sad pathetic human beings , all you're doing is copying the Java concept to php.
@404, Thanks for your opinion. However the "Java concept" as you describe it is not the goal of Symfony. PHP as a language in recent years has started to adopt capabilities of other languages (Name spaces, and Closures for example) however none of these concepts is unique to Java. In fact comparing Symfony to Java is akin to comparing my cup of coffee to the Eiffel Tower. We who love Symfony wish you the best in your endeavors.
Thank you for your work! this is indeed a very good news
I like the symfony projects. These websites have very good performance.It is easy to optimize for search engines.
For those wondering what beta means:
" Entering beta means that all the main features of the framework will be available. That does not mean that we won't break backward compatibility here and there, but all these changes will be documented to ease migration."
Congratulations! I'm currently using Symfony 1.4 for my projects, but I think I will move to Symfony2 soon. Well done!
Great news. Keep going hard work.

Waiting more documentation...
I'm not sure if this feature is missing (I think it is), but could you please implement a logger feature for missing translations in the symfony translator?
That way the developers could work and put 'tokens' whenever translation is needed. Afterwards the translators would just peek in the logs and translate any entry that is missing from the catalogues.

Thanks in advance!
Is there also a console command to extract strings to be translated and to create the corresponding xliff file as in symfony 1.4?
I've got this error "Fatal error: Interface 'Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\ParameterBag\ParameterBagInterface' not found in C:\wamp\www\Symfony\Symfony\vendor\symfony\src\Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\ParameterBag\ParameterBag.php on line 19" the moment I ran WAMPSERVER. The earlier version worked fine. Is this the right forum for this sort of thing? Please advise.
Please ignore thread #29. All sorted with PR12 release. All good now.

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