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Symfony2 PR4 released

Symfony2 PR4 is now available. This is probably the last preview release before Symfony2 goes beta.

A lot of people put a lot of effort on this preview release and as a result, Symfony2 PR4 is the first preview that comes with all features we intend to bundle with the final release.

The documentation has also been augmented and updated.

It is now a great time to give Symfony2 a try. Download the sandbox and read the Quick Tour tutorial to get up to speed quickly.

And don't forget to provide feedback.

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


Super, on va tester ça
No Admin generator at all?

When evaluating a framework, admin generators like sf 1.4 and Django is a key feature for us.

Symfony2 is such a new framework we are at the point we could decide to move to another 5.3 framework or another tech altogether.

I am a signed up Symfony2 fanboy but the lack of Admin Generator is a worry for us as a company.

Any reassurance or roadmap on it?
Go read doc, happy day! ;)
This is great... can't wait to be an early adopter of this!! One thing though, is there still no upgrade-path from Symfony 1.4 to Symfony 2 planned?
There is an admin generator in the plan. But this is not a "core" feature. It's "just" a bundle that uses all other features of Symfony2. So, be reassured, we will have an admin gen.
Good news! Show must go on! :-)
Is there a changelog ? What is to modify when migrating from PR3 to PR4 ?
AFAIK, 1.x projects won't be upgradeable to 2.0 - not automatically. That's sort of the point of major version numbers - the entire architecture has changed. 1.0 -> 1.1 was pretty painful because of much milder architecture differences. How would you deal with going from a 1.4 project with 2 apps to a 2.0 project that doesn't have the concept of apps?

Loss of the admin generator from the default install is sad, but I'm sure there'll be an admin generator bundle sometime soon.

I'm waiting for an equivalent to sfDoctrineRouteCollection and doctrine:generate-module (possibly based on the Doctrine 2 REST server), but much more importantly, for a decent process for starting a new Symfony2 project. Right now there's the symfony-bootstrapper, but it's entirely undocumented, and doesn't create a working project (e.g., the index.php incorrectly fails to create a new Request object, Twig isn't set up, etc). Surely this needs to be a core component, or are we expected to always use the sandbox to start new projects?
Keep on the great work! in the best PHP framework ever!
Congrats for Symfony2 PR4!

The admin generator is key indeed, and I assume this is the case for many of us. So I am looking forward to it: once available I will be able to switch to Symfony2...

I don't think there is any need for worry to see the admin generator appear in a bundle instead in the core. The decoupling can even be of advantage e.g. in terms of releasing new versions. Extensions to the admin generator (and fixes, of course) could be released at a higher pace than the Sf2 core would allow.

@Matt Robinson: There is a decent process for starting a new project with Symfony2, and this is the sandbox. The is the ONLY way to get started for now. Don't try anything else... as documented. Why would you want to so something else?
Thank you for your great work!
Oh, and just a little lobbying for shorter and unified terminal commands if i can :-)
Great news. Thank you for all the efforts!
Is there a changelog or what are the main differences against PR3?

Thanks for all the great work!
Thanks for your great work guys!
I'll be trying it the next few weeks and giving some feedback!
Great Work!!. I have a question...can I start a new project with sandbox PR4?. Is posible to update to final release symfony 2?. Thanks.
Like Yusniel I'm interested to hear weither we could actually start creating some bundles for sf2 already and be able to upgrade the core to the next releases.

The project I'm starting on won't be released for at least another year and it would be awesome if I could already develop it on sf2 and release it with the first stable sf2 core once that is out.
@Fabian Why would I want to avoid using the sandbox? Well it doesn't feel clean - there's already a working project in there, and we were discouraged from starting a project from the sandbox in symfony 1.

If that's the official proper way, then great, duly noted, I'll do that from now on. I just had no idea that this was the case.
@Yusniel @Ruben There's no official guarantee that the core Symfony2 API will stay stable until at least beta (probably RC). I'd wait until there's a few more entries on before starting something major.

Your choice though - Fabien and the team have been very open and clear about API changes so far.

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