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Symfony2: The Roadmap to Final

We are now ready to release Symfony 2.0 final. As we have made some significant changes in the last couple of weeks, we are publishing another release candidate (RC5) today and we will wait for a week before releasing Symfony 2.0 final on Thursday 28th.

Read the UPDATE file to learn more about the recent changes.

To upgrade a Symfony Standard Edition application, update both the deps and deps.lock files:

Then, run the vendors script:

./bin/vendors install

After upgrading, don't forget to clear your cache:

php ./app/console cache:clear

During the last few months, a lot of developers have used Symfony2 for real-world projects, and thanks to them, we have had the possibility to enhance the framework and fix a lot of bugs. But we think that for some parts of the framework, we still need more real-world usage before stabilizing the API for the next few years.

For Symfony 2.0, the following components will have a tagged public API (@api) that is guaranteed to not change anymore for the entire life of Symfony 2.x:

  • BrowserKit
  • ClassLoader
  • Console
  • CssSelector
  • DependencyInjection
  • DomCrawler
  • EventDispatcher
  • Finder
  • HttpFoundation
  • HttpKernel
  • Locale
  • Process
  • Routing
  • Templating
  • Translation
  • Validator
  • Yaml

All classes, methods, and properties tagged with @api are part of the public API in the sense that we guarantee their stability over time: their name, signature, and behavior won't change for any minor version of the component.

But for a few components listed below, we know that we will probably have to make some more tweaks based on feedback we will have from the community (even if we will try to avoid any big backward compatibility breaks of course):

  • Config
  • Form
  • Security
  • Serializer

Symfony 2.1 will be the first release with all the components with a public stable API. And for components that already have a public API in 2.0, 2.1 will be the occasion to add even more classes and methods to it.

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


Great Job Symfony 2 Team
Legendary! Can't wait for the final release!
Great news! I was hopping to see RC5 today. thanks for your work
A stable API is a *great* news.
Amazing work and congratulations to all involved. Looking forward to working with Symfony2 more now.
Very exciting, good work for sure. Starting a new big project on the 1st and will be using symfony2 instead of 1.4 and I can't wait. Been very impressed with tue changes / additions in the last few releases. I love, love, love the routing annotations in the controller :-)
Yes! Many thanks to the Team for giving us the best PHP framework out there!
More than 250 commits since the last PR.

Is it possible to calm this flow of uninterrupted pull requests.

Don't try to go to this page :
Really appreciate all of the work and endless hours put into this release, looking forward to diving in.
Excelentes noticias !
Great news!

@fabpot: could you explain the current shortcomings of the "unfinal" components and in which direction they are heading? Knowing this could help a lot, even for learning Symfony 2.0. Maybe in a new blog post?

Thank you all for your great work!
Nice work, team!
Amazing, I could not wait to be more stable symfony2 to start learning. Thank you for your hard work and dedication
Congratulations, looking forward to the download!
What a great gift for Perú's independence day, the 28th!

Qué gran regalo de fiestas patrias para Perú, el 28!

Gracias por todo su esfuerzo!
Great Job!
This fall will be very exciting for sf developers... :)
Great news, i hope to start a new project this fall with Symfony2, but first more training !

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