SymfonyWorld Online 2021 Winter Edition December 9 – 10, 2021 100% Online 25 talks and 10 workshops

SymfonyWorld 2020: discover the latest conference speakers announced!

Only 6 weeks left before SymfonyWorld 2020! We are so happy to meet you online from December 1st to 5th for our first ever 100% online event, join us for:

  • Pre-conference workshop days: December 1st and 2nd (topics will be online very soon)
  • Conference days: December 3rd and 4th (3 conference tracks per day, 30+ talks)
  • Hackday: December 5th all day via Slack, open to everyyone

We’ve already announced the first selected conference speakers who will be speaking online at SymfonyWorld 2020. Read the latest speakers’ announcement. Today, we're delighted to unveil more conference speakers, please welcome:

  • Alexander M. Turek, Developer, Consultant and Symfony Core Team member, will be there to speak about "Standalone Dependency Injection". The DependencyInjection component is the glue that holds our application together. In a modern Symfony application, we rely on auto-wiring, auto-configuration and auto-discovery to magically generate the correct dependency tree for our application. But how do those automatisms work under the hood? What if they weren’t there?

  • Kévin Dunglas, creator of the API Platform framework, and protocols and Symfony Core Team member, will explain you "What's new in API Platform?". API Platform is a popular framework to build API-driven projects. The server component is built on top of Symfony. It enables to create modern, extensible and secure web APIs very easily: design the public data model, and that's all, you get a fully-featured API! Since its introduction during SymfonyLive Paris 2015, API Platform evolved a lot! It is now recognized as the easiest and most powerful set of tools to build and use new web APIs, even outside of the PHP world. During this talk, will discover the new best practices and the unknown gems provided by the framework.

  • Andreas Braun, Senior Engineer, will share his experience about "Dropping ACID: Schema design for e-commerce". When designing a schema for e-commerce applications, we have to keep certain things in mind: data retention rules require duplicating large chunks of data, leading to complex schemas in any relational database. Modern database systems can help us solve this problem, but we seldom use their features when designing schemas. In this talk, we will take a look at some strategies on how to design more efficient schemas for certain database systems, and how to effectively drop ACID at work.

  • Neal Brooks, PHP engineer who likes using Symfony, will tell you everything about "The absolute beginner's guide to Domain Driven Design with Symfony". DDD is one of the most effective ways to address business problems, but it can be overwhelming to get started with. In this talk we'll demystify the terminology and work out the most important aspects of DDD you'll need to get you going. Then, by exploring and implementing a sample business domain, we'll discover such things as: - How DDD entities differ Doctrine entities - What an aggregate root actually is - How to organise your code - How to define a bounded context - How a domain service differs from an application service Finally, we'll wire it all together with Symfony 5. So if you've been wanting to get started with DDD for a while but never knew how or where to start then this talk is for you.

About 30 speakers will be sharing their experience and knowledge, you'll be able to listen to 30+ talks at 2 different hours. The schedule will start live from 9:30 am to 4:45 pm CET / UTC+1 and another live will start again from 7 pm to 1:30 am CET / UTC+1. Meaning that the conference schedule will be scheduled twice in the same day! Wherever you are in the world, it will be easy to watch the conference! You will also be able to watch the talk replay just after the live talk!

Here are the already confirmed and yet scheduled conference speakers:

Discover the entire list of talks scheduled yet to the conference! The speakers selection is not over, we're still selecting more conference speakers. Thank you again to all the people who took the time to submit a talk proposal!

We will offer 3 conference tracks, you'll be able to switch between tracks and if you missed a talk, you'll be able to watch the replay just after its first live scheduled version has been done. The entire event will be organized online in English.

Book your SymfonyWorld 2020 ticket now! While ordering your online conference ticket, buy your special conference goodies: the official conference t-shirt and the small 15 years Symfony elephpant, a very limited edition of the Symfony elephpant! If you're interested in the big 15 years Symfony elephpant, find out more information here or check our Symfony Store. You forgot to buy your conference swag when booking your conference ticket? No worries, if you are a registered conference attendee, you can buy later your special Symfony conference swag from your Symfony account, think about it!

Stay tuned for more announces!

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SymfonyWorld 2020: discover the latest conference speakers announced!

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