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SymfonyWorld 2020 was a blast!

We are very pleased to have welcomed all of you last week for an entire week of Symfony! The first edition of the SymfonyWorld online conference was a blast!

Last week, on December 1st and 2nd, 140+ people joined our pre-conference workshops. We organized a 2-day pre-conference workshops with 7 different workshops, either 1-day or 2-day workshops. We’d like to thank all our trainers for their availability to teach online during 2 days! Teaching online is way more different than in physical but it went all great. A big thank you to our trainers and to our workshop attendees for joining our online workshops.

After these 2 great workshop days, we enjoyed 2 amazing conference days! 1600+ people were registered to attend the online conference and 1500+ attendees joined us for the live on Hopin. Our conference schedule was done twice per day on December 3rd and 4th. We had a first schedule from 9:30 am to 4 pm UTC+1 and then the second one was starting from 5:30 pm to 11:55 pm UTC+1. It was a little challenging for our staff and our speakers but it was really rewarding! Attendees joined both schedules and even if the first schedule gathered the most of the attendees, 1000+ during the first one, we still have about 500+ attendees for the second one. People really enjoyed our schedule done twice per day, this way they were able to attend more talks or still work during the day and attend talks later. We are really thankful for all our speakers as they did an impressive job: working on their slides, pre-recording their talks to make sure the conference attendee experience went all smooth and being on stage twice during both of their talk slots to answer all your questions in the chat and on camera. A huge thank you to all our speakers, thank you very much for your involvement!

The SymfonyWorld 2020 was also the occasion to celebrate Symfony's 15th anniversary! If you missed our video of the celebration, watch it now!

Finally, thank you to all our sponsors for their support during the conference and for their great virtual booths! They’ve been so interactive with everyone: organizing live demos, polls, game contests and answering questions, so thank you so much for their support:

  • SensioLabs, our Diamond Sponsor
  • Vonage,, SymfonyCloud and SymfonyInsight, our Gold Sponsors
  • Argeweb, our Bronze Sponsor

We also had the pleasure to organize an online Hackday on December 5th, thanks to all the people who joined us during this special day!

And thanks to all our attendees for joining us at this very special online edition! All the conference talks are already available via our replay on your SymfonyLive account. You can still purchase a conference ticket to enjoy the replay. More online conference editions to come at the first semester of 2021, have a look at our schedule on

Last but not least, if you ordered our special SymfonyWorld 2020 swag, all the orders have been shipped on Tuesday so keep an eye on your mail box! You should receive your packages in a few days or weeks, depending on where you live.

Stay safe and see you soon online!

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Thank you for that great online event.
That was great!

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