SymfonyWorld 2020: welcome our last Keynote speaker!

SymfonyWorld 2020, our international 100% online Symfony conference will come next month, on December 3-4 2020. On Monday, we had the pleasure to announce our amazing Keynote speakers for the conference. But we still had one Keynote spot unannounced.

So today, we are very very happy to announce our last Keynote speaker and what a speaker! It’s a great honor for us to welcome him. He is very well-known from the Tech community and has helped develop the Web and the Internet since the late 90’s. His family name is a city from the United Kingdom, located in England, in the East of the Midlands region. You might know him and have recognized who he is!

He has written, edited or substantially contributed to more than twenty IETF RFCs and W3C Recommendations about topics like HTTP, caching, linking, Web architecture, privacy and security. He has chaired the HTTP Working Group since 2007 and has been a member of the Internet Architecture Board since 2017. Before that, he served on the W3C Technical Architecture Group. Any ideas of who he is?

Beyond standards work, he helped deploy a precursor to “enterprise” CDNs in 1998, designed HTTP APIs and owned a caching platform at Yahoo!, and has contributed to several Open Source projects. Currently, he’s part of the Office of the CTO at Fastly. You found out, right?

We are delighted to welcome for the first time ever, Mark Nottingham, as our guest Keynote Speaker for SymfonyWorld 2020! He will be speaking from Melbourne, Australia and will be scheduled on December 4th at 10 am CET/UTC+1.

His Keynote is entitled "For the Users - tech, ethics and you".

Abstract: More than ever, tech's impact on the world is being felt in 2020, and the world is pushing back, strongly. Governments want to regulate the Internet (or create whole new ones), even as a handful of companies wield massive power over the network's future.

What role should we play in these discussions -- as technologists, as Open Source contributors, as employees of tech companies, and not least as citizens? Should we just be diligent craftsman who focus on the task at hand, or take a more active, broad role? And who do we write all of this code for, anyway?

If you never met him or never listened to one of his great talks, this is a unique occassion! Join us at SymfonyWorld 2020, book your conference ticket and sit tight while listening to his Keynote and all the other exceptional speakers of the conference!

You missed our last Keynote speakers announcement and all the conference speakers announcements we published? Check out now the entire conference schedule and discover who is going to speak at the conference and about what! Register for 2 days of conference, 3 conference tracks and about 30+ fantastic talks!

Stay tuned for more announces!

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SymfonyWorld 2020: welcome our last Keynote speaker!

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