SymfonyWorld 2020: Keynotes announcement!

About a month left before meeting you online for SymfonyWorld 2020! Last week, we announced the last selected talks of SymfonyWorld 2020!

Today, we're excited to unveil the Keynotes speakers and the last talk of the first Symfony 100% online conference! We're very happy to welcome:

  • Mark Nottingham, Senior Principal Engineer in Office of the CTO at Fastly, chairman of IETF's HTTP and QUIC working groups, for the Opening Keynote on December 4th at 10 am CET / UTC+1. More than ever, tech's impact on the world is being felt in 2020, and the world is pushing back, strongly. Governments want to regulate the Internet (or create whole new ones), even as a handful of companies wield massive power over the network's future. What role should we play in these discussions -- as technologists, as Open Source contributors, as employees of tech companies, and not least as citizens? Mark will make us think hard about these topics.
  • Fabien Potencier, Symfony founder and project lead, for the Opening Keynote on December 3rd at 10 am CET / UTC+1. Flex changed the way we manage Symfony apps. The Symfony CLI simplified the local developer experience. What's next? How can we go further to improve the developer experience? In this keynote, Fabien will unveil new exciting tools for both ends of the spectrum. Webhooks and JavaScript will be the main keywords.
  • Ryan Weaver, Symfony Documentation lead, Symfony Core Team member and trainer at SymfonyCasts, for the Keynote about "Modern Security with Symfony's Shiny new Security Component" on December 3rd at 3:05 pm CET / UTC+1. Yes, Symfony's Security component is powerful. But... it's also complex. Can we have both? Power and flexibility with readable and expressive code? We think so. That's why, in Symfony 5.1 & 5.2, the security component was rebuilt and reimagined. Complexity was stripped away, logic was centralized and intelligent hook points were added. The result is a security system that can do more with code that you can understand. In this talk, I'll introduce you to the new security component and show you how to activate and migrate to it (hint: it's simple!). We'll also dive into some of the new possibilities, like streamlined custom authenticators (bye Guard!), centralized "login throttling", magic login links, 2fa and more! And since no security talk would be complete without API authentication, I'll give you a quick guide to how you should implement API auth and how that fits into the new system. Let's go!
  • Nikita Popov, Software developer and Open source contributor for PHP / LLVM / Rust, for the Closing Keynote about "What's new in PHP 8.0?" on December 4th at 3:05 pm CET / UTC+1. PHP 8.0 comes with many long-awaited features: A just-in-time compiler, attributes, union types, and named arguments are just a small part of the list. As a major version, it also includes some backward-incompatible changes, which are centered around stricter error handling and enhanced type safety. Let's have an overview of the important changes in PHP 8.0 and how they might affect you!

We're pleased to announce the last conference speaker:

  • Titouan Galopin, SymfonyInsight lead, who will be speaking about "Fabien's keynote in practice: new JavaScript tools for Symfony". In his keynote, Fabien is going to introduce new exciting tools to improve the developer experience. These tools will open a new JavaScript ecosystem to the Symfony world: let's dive into what they are and how we can leverage them to build amazing applications.

SymfonyWorld 2020 is next month! Book your ticket now and join us virtually for this first 100% online event! Attend the international Symfony conference with safety, get your ticket and stay home while enjoying a week of Symfony!

Check the full list of talks selected for SymfonyWorld 2020 you'll listen during 2 entire days on December 3rd and 4th 2020: 30 amazing speakers will be there to share their experience and knowledge. The schedule will start live from 9:30 am to 4:45 pm CET / UTC+1 and another live will start again from 7 pm to 1:30 am CET / UTC+1. Meaning that the conference schedule will be scheduled twice in the same day!

Here are the already confirmed and yet scheduled conference speakers:

Register now to SymfonyWorld 2020! While ordering your online conference or combo workshop and conference ticket, buy your special conference goodies: the official conference t-shirt and the small 15 years Symfony elephpant, a very limited edition of the Symfony elephpant! If you're interested in the big 15 years Symfony elephpant, find out more information here or check our Symfony Store. You forgot to buy your conference swag when booking your conference ticket? No worries, if you are a registered conference attendee, you can buy later your special Symfony conference swag from your Symfony account, think about it!

Stay tuned for more announces!

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