SymfonyWorld 2020: discover more speakers and the last workshop announced!

SymfonyWorld 2020 is coming soon! We can't wait to meet you virtually for this first 100% online event! Will you join us online for a week of Symfony?

Yesterday, we announced 4 new conference speakers of SymfonyWorld 2020! The entire list of talks of the conference will be soon online. Discover today a new one-day workshop topic and 3 more selected speakers and their great talks scheduled for SymfonyWorld 2020.

We're pleased to announce the last 1-day workshop topic to be added to the already scheduled one-day workshops. The final workshop schedule is now available, you can select and create your personalized 2-day workshop combo by selecting one 1-day workshop topic per day on December 1st and 2nd (one workshop per day) or choose directly a 2-day workshop topic. We're pleased to offer the following one-day pre-conference workshop:

Efficient Doctrine ORM with trainer Andreas Hucks, CTO at SensioLabs Deutschland. Only available on December 2nd 2020. This workshop has two main goals: a deeper look into commonly used features of Doctrine ORM, to get a better understanding of how to better utilize them and giving a quickstart into some more advanced features that can be applied in a variety of contexts. The workshop is split into 4 modules:

  • Architecture & terminology - This section covers a look at the underlying architecture of Doctrine ORM, explains some of the terminologies that will be useful in the following modules.
  • Querying - This section covers a deeper look into how queries can be built with Doctrine, including how native SQL can be used with the ORM and how to optimize result hydration.
  • Advanced Features - In this section, we will look at Locking, Lifecycle Events & Change Tracking Policies.
  • Caching - This section takes a deeper look at how to improve a production setup by fine-tuning the different caches provided by Doctrine including the Second Level Cache

Today, we’re also thrilled to welcome 3 new conference speakers, please meet:

  • Stefan Richter, Software Engineer, will be speaking about "WebAuthn – Technology and integration in a Symfony project". We live in a world where everybody uses passwords every day to sign in to all kind of websites and services. So it is clear that passwords are a critical point in cyber security. Unfortunately, they are also the biggest weakness in IT systems as they're responsible for 80% of all security breaches. However, better solutions exist. For example, the FIDO2 project with the standard WebAuthn allows users to connect to websites without a password. This presentation introduces the standard, how it works and its implementation in a Symfony project. It also covers the JavaScript API implementations and some Symfony bundles. I will detail how to implement bundles and to which points it’s important to pay attention.
  • Fredric Mitchell, Principal at Bright Plum, Inc, a micro-agency specializing in Drupal development, strategy, and performance, will present "How Math, Science, and Star Trek Explain the Value of Team Diversity". The greatest asset of open source software is the ability to fork and improve. When it comes to tech culture, are we accepting all pull requests? Can we be better? If so, how? To the science! This session explores the mathematical algorithms and scientific studies describing the advantage of diverse teams. We’ll dive into existing research and real-world situations that solved complex problems. We’ll also explore a mathematician’s theory that “diversity trumps ability.” We’ll also explore how Star Trek played a pivotal role in being the allegory for this concept. Attendees will take away concrete ideas, examples, and processes to, hopefully, increase the output of their team in the long-term.
  • Bastien Jaillot, Architect, will talk about "What I learned trying to make Symfony and API Platform way faster". Working on a big symfony project with a quite common stack (API with APIP, lots of doctrine entities and all config in YAML files), we experienced performances issues in both dev and prod mode. I took my headband lamp (hi blackfire) and dug. I learned A LOT and discovered quite a few issues that results to a lot of pull requests that got merged. This talk will be a feedback of the process used and the lessons learned. It will be both practical and theoric.

These 3 new speakers join the current selected speakers' list you'll be able to listen during 2 entire days on December 3rd and 4th 2020: 30 amazing speakers will be there to share their experience and knowledge. The schedule will start live from 9:30 am to 4:45 pm CET / UTC+1 and another live will start again from 7 pm to 1:30 am CET / UTC+1. Meaning that the conference schedule will be scheduled twice in the same day!

Here are the already confirmed and yet scheduled conference speakers:

Check the conference schedule and get ready for the final Keynote Speakers announcement on Monday November 2nd!

Register now to SymfonyWorld 2020! While ordering your online conference or combo workshop and conference ticket, buy your special conference goodies: the official conference t-shirt and the small 15 years Symfony elephpant, a very limited edition of the Symfony elephpant! If you're interested in the big 15 years Symfony elephpant, find out more information here or check our Symfony Store. You forgot to buy your conference swag when booking your conference ticket? No worries, if you are a registered conference attendee, you can buy later your special Symfony conference swag from your Symfony account, think about it!

Stay tuned for more announces!

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SymfonyWorld 2020: discover more speakers and the last workshop announced!

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