SymfonyWorld 2020 welcomes more speakers!

You're not yet registered to the online Symfony event of 2020? The unique international Symfony conference of the year? You're still wondering how the conference will be handled? Good news, we've just announced how the conference will be organized and all you need to know about the conference experience. Here is a reminder of the entire event agenda:

We're super pleased to unveil today more selected speakers of SymfonyWorld 2020! We’ve already announced half of the selected conference speakers who will be speaking online at SymfonyWorld 2020. Read the latest speakers’ announcement. Today, we're excited to welcome more conference speakers, please meet:

  • Bruno Henrique de Souza, Web Developer and Software Engineer, will speak about "The modern and fast HttpClient". Due to the growing number of companies using approaches like APIs and services oriented architecture the need and use of a http client is getting even more evidence. There are many options offered in the IT market. However, Symfony decided to write their own client, different from all the others, since its conception. Understand the main differences between this client and the others. Why it's faster and modern, the options and advantages to use and structure that allows you to have a nice http client component without the need to do a great effort and changes in your application.
  • Mathieu Santostefano, Web Developer and maintainer of php-translation organization, will explain you how to "Internationalize your Symfony application, the right way". Translating an application is a big step while you develop an international project. So, we have a new type of workmate: dear developers, product owners, designers, let me introduce translators with whom we will have to work efficiently! Together, we will have to make sure that the translations stay up to date on production. How? This is exactly what we will be talking about in this conference. Tools like php-translation bundle, Loco or Transifex will be very useful to your team. We will plug them in Symfony to create an efficient workflow. We will also define responsibilities for developers, translators and designers. Everything to ease the translation process from development environment to production without any pain! At the end of this talk, you will be looking forward to implementing these amazing solutions!
  • Stefan Koopmanschap, PHP developer, consultant and trainer, will share with you an overview about "symfony 0.6 to Symfony 5: What I learned from the framework". I came to symfony (back then in lowercase) before the first stable version. We are now at version 5. Over all those years the framework has evolved massively. In this talk, I'll go through some of the lessons I learned from the evolution of the framework as well as the ecosystem around it, and how we can apply those lessons in our day-to-day work.
  • Grégoire Hébert, Senior Developer, trainer, consultant and contributor to numerous Open Source projects and technical articles editor, will be talking about "With Symfony 4.4, your secrets will be well kept!". Since Symfony 4.4 is available a new utility that was created during the hackathon organized with the European Commission on security. It allows you to store your secrets thanks to the libsodium library. How does it work? Is it really safe? For 40 minutes we will immerse ourselves in the algorithms that make libsodium and Symfony's secrets a reliable security solution.

Join us for 2 days of exciting talks in English about Symfony and its ecosystem! Listen to about 30 fantastic speakers, happy to share their experience and knowledge, at 2 different hours. The schedule will start live from 9:30 am to 4:45 pm CET / UTC+1 and another live will start again from 7 pm to 1:30 am CET / UTC+1. Meaning that the conference schedule will be scheduled twice in the same day!

Here are the already confirmed and yet scheduled conference speakers:

Check the conference schedule! The speakers selection is not over, we're still selecting more conference speakers. Thank you again to all the people who took the time to submit a talk proposal!

Have a nice beverage, get comfy on your sofa and enjoy our 3 conference tracks. If you missed a talk, you'll be able to watch its replay!

Register now to SymfonyWorld 2020! While ordering your online conference or combo workshop and conference ticket, buy your special conference goodies: the official conference t-shirt and the small 15 years Symfony elephpant, a very limited edition of the Symfony elephpant! If you're interested in the big 15 years Symfony elephpant, find out more information here or check our Symfony Store. You forgot to buy your conference swag when booking your conference ticket? No worries, if you are a registered conference attendee, you can buy later your special Symfony conference swag from your Symfony account, think about it!

Stay tuned for more announces!

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