SymfonyWorld 2020: All about the conference experience

Whether you're yet registered or not to SymfonyWorld 2020, you might be wondering how the first 100% online Symfony event will be organized. This blog post details all the logistic information about the entire event.

As a reminder, both pre-conference workshops and conference will be organized online in English.


Pre-conference workshops are organized on December 1st and 2nd. Workshop topics have just been announced:

  • 1-day or 2-day workshops. You will either attend two different one-day workshop or a two-day workshop. If you choose two different one-day workshops, you'll be able to create your own personalized workshop combo.

  • Time of the workshops. All workshops will be organized on UTC+1 timezone. On both days, they will start at 9:45 am UTC+1 with the workshop opening. Each workshop starts at 10 am UTC+1 until 1:15pm UTC+1, including a 15 min break. A long break is scheduled from 1:15 pm UTC+1 to 2:15pm UTC+1. Workshop will resume at 2:15 pm UTC+1 until 5:30 pm UTC+1, including a 15 min break. Each workshop day will end with a 10 min closing session until 5:40 pm UTC+1.

  • Workshop sessions via Zoom. Each workshop will be organized via Zoom, in a dedicated room.

  • Maximum attendee limit. Depending on the workshop topic, a maximum attendee limit will be established.

  • Workshop support. A general workshop support will be available via Slack, if you cannot access the workshop, someone will assist you. During the workshop, one or several workshop helpers will be there to assist you if you have any troubles.

As the workshops will be online, it is very important to have the required setup per workshop topic on your computer before attending the workshop. You will receive an email with all the information you need to set up your computer a week prior to the workshops.


Conference days are organized on December 3rd and 4th. Conference final schedule will be published soon. Discover all the already announced talks and speakers!

  • 2-day conference with 3 conference tracks at the same time. A total of 30+ talks will be scheduled.

  • All talks will be done twice. As attendees are "coming" from all over the world, all talks will be done twice during the 2 days (one with the speaker delivering their talk live and one in replay).

  • Time of the conference. The entire conference schedule will be scheduled twice. Each conference day will first start at 9:30 am UTC+1 until 4:45 pm UTC+1. A long break of 45 min is scheduled at 12:30 am UTC+1 until 1:15 pm UTC+1. A short break of 30 min is scheduled during the morning and the afternoon. Once the first conference schedule is over, we will start the conference again! The conference will start again at 7 pm UTC+1 until 1:30 am UTC+1. A long break of 45 min is scheduled from 10 pm UTC+1 to 10:45 pm UTC+1. A short break of 30 min is scheduled in the first conference and then in the second one.

  • Conference platform used is Hopin. We will organize the entire conference days on a unique platform: Hopin. You'll have all the conference tracks there where you'll be able to switch from one to another. Our sponsors will be there too with virtual booths. If you want to meet other conference attendees, there is a special network functionality!

  • Conference support. Our dedicated support team will be there to assist you in each track if you encounter any troubles. A general support will also be available!

  • Networking. Although the conference is online, it is still very important to network with other attendees, speakers and sponsors! You'll be able to network with people you already know and with random conference attendees to meet new people. The Networking area on Hopin is the place for automated one-on-one meetings. In Networking, when someone clicks the Ready button, the system searches for someone else who has also clicked the Ready button. If someone else is available, the two are matched instantly and the video chat begins and lasts for a preset amount of time. Hopin networking is like a professional chatroulette embedded in our event. Intentional networking is possible via the People tab of the event venue. Like a physical conference, network with old and new friends!

  • Meet our sponsors. You can visit our Expo area and learn about relevant products and resources from our sponsors: it is the exhibitor hall of digital vendor booths. You can meet or chat with our sponsors like if you were at a physical event. Meet all our sponsors at their virtual booths and learn all about their products and services useful for your daily business!


On December 5th, we invite the worldwide Symfony community to join us for a global Hackday. No need to register, join us all day via Slack, it is open to anyone. If you never contributed to Symfony, learn how to contribute and push your first Symfony's PR! If you are already an active Symfony community member, help us help new contributors!

Wherever you are in the world and no matter your timezone is, it will be easy to watch the conference! Discover the already announced list of talks!

Book your SymfonyWorld 2020 ticket now! While ordering your online conference ticket, buy your special conference goodies: the official conference t-shirt and the small 15 years Symfony elephpant, a very limited edition of the Symfony elephpant!

We hope to see you all at SymfonyWorld 2020!

Help the Symfony project!

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SymfonyWorld 2020: All about the conference experience

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Is CEST / UTC+2 really correct? Not CET / UTC+1 (timezone in Paris)?
You're right, it was not correct, it is CET / UTC+1 now, timezome in Paris. Thanks for checking, it is all fixed!

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