Thanks to the Community!

Lucas Potenciersymfony has a great community.

As you might already know, both François and I got a new baby recently and pookey collected donations to get us a gift.

I really want to thank all people who donated. I've just received €400, as did François last week.

"Merci du fond du coeur" as we say in French.


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Welcome Lucas !
I look forward to reading you very soon in trac/fora or irc.
Great arrival, even better than any new version arrival.

Great event, "Bravo aux nouveaux papas" as we say in French :-).
I also had a new arrival (6 weeks old). I already started teaching her symfony. Congrats, amy you be blessed with many. many more.
Congrats Fabien!!
¡Felicidades Fabien!
Congrats.. you are blessed with a very cute baby....

He's a very cute baby, My wife is due in 4 weeks, scary stuff.

Félicitations à toi. :)
Félicitations à toi et à toute la famille. Peut-être Lucas lead-prog sur symfony 5 ? ;)

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