The European Commission Publishes its First Symfony Bundles

The European Commission is the executive branch of the European Union (EU), responsible for proposing legislation, implementing decisions, and managing the day-to-day business of the EU.

The European Commission is also committed to using and promoting Open Source software for its applications. In 2019 they organized several hackathons to improve the code of Open Source projects like Symfony (read the summary about the Symfony hackathon). They also funded a security bug bounty program for Symfony.

Due to its increasing use of Symfony, the European Commission recently published its first Symfony bundles:

We hope this is just the first of a series of high quality bundles and libraries released by the European Commission for Symfony developers.

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The European Commission Publishes its First Symfony Bundles

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Awesome ! This will be very helpful.
Thanks for the post, it's very motivating and heart-warming !

You can count on me, these won't be the last packages :-)
Yay! Can’t wait to see a VAT identifier validator more efficient than what can be achieved using the soap service !
Congratulations 🎊

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