The First Day of Symfony Live Paris 2009

Symfony Live Conference

So, today is the first day of the third symfony conference (the first two ones were the English symfony Camp in 2007 and 2008), but also the first symfony live conference in Paris.

Photos, tweets, and more

If you were not able to join us, or if you cannot understand French, you can still follow the conference in near real-time by searching for the #sflive09fr hashtag on Twitter.

You can also have a look at some photos published on Flickr.

Videos will be available

To answer one of the most asked question about the conference, I am happy to confirm that the PHPTV guys are recording all the conference. They will work hard to be able to publish the first videos as soon as the end of next week. Kudos to them.

Slides for today

I will update this post regularly with the session slides as soon as I get them from the speakers. For now, here are the available ones:

Help the Symfony project!

As with any Open-Source project, contributing code or documentation is the most common way to help, but we also have a wide range of sponsoring opportunities.


It was a very good day with you :)
All the team is really nice and the subjects were cool !

Deeply tomorrow !
Is the man to the right of us so knocked sideways by the resourses of the Symfony?? =))
The twitter hash tag is also in french :(
Can't wait for the videos! Big thx to PHPTV guys!
The new Doctrine looks like a fantastic piece of work, congratulations Jonathan, very impressive.
I wish i was in the English. I'd love to attend next Event if it's official language is English.
We can't download article on Javascript, PDF bug...
Thanks a lot for giving pdfs !!
the pdf file "Bonnes pratiques de développement JavaScript dans Symfony" seems to be invalid.
Oh man, how I'd loved to see the actual presentation of Sympal by Jonathan. Very good read, thanks Jon! :) I really like where this is going... Keep up the great work and count me in on "Symfony Live ENGLISH 2009" conference. ;-)
Je suis certainement le 1000ème, mais au cas où :
Le lien suivant est cassé
Bonnes pratiques de développement JavaScript dans Symfony.

Bravo pour ces 2 jours
I'm very impatient to see video. Thank PHPTV !
@Christophe Jagoury: fixed now
when could we see videos on PHPTV ?

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