The new form framework is almost there...

symfony 1.1 is almost there!

I've already committed the new validation and widget framework some time ago.

And the last two missing classes, sfForm and sfFormField, will be committed by the end of the month... Then, I will dedicate time to write some documentation about the new system.

In the meantime, if you want to know how it will look like, you can read my presentation slides from the IPC 2007 presentation I gave 2 weeks ago in Frankfurt.

The slides are available on my brand new blog, which is powered by symfony 1.1!



oh, that's exciting news! I really need to make some time to look into what is there already :)
Great news!!
Super !

Can't wait testing and playing with it :p
It's great to know that Symfony 1.1 is coming out. We got a new project to start so that I am dying to know the exact date of the release time in order to decide which version of symfony to use. BTW, Is it ease to upgrade from Symfony 1.0x to 1.1?
Zhuguo Shi, you already can read the (unfinished) "1.0 to 1.1 migration guide"
Great, I will definitely make the switch.
Very Nice
I'm waiting for Sf 1.1
The sfForm slides are really exciting. sfFormPropel has not yet been added to the trunk right? I'd like have a look at it and try to port it to Doctrine.
> Great, I will definitely make the switch.
Too bad it's too late for me to make the switch :( 1.0 is outstandingly impossible for doing CRUD beyond hello-world, while still enjoying the process.

BTW this comment-posting feature doesn't work if JS is turned off.
@Joaquin: sfFormPropel will be committed in the coming days.
This is awesome news. I just reviewed the slides very quickly and see there are a significant number of changes in this major release. I have a large project starting now, should i be waiting for this release before i begin major development? Is the code i write for 1.0.8 work with an upgrade to 1.1? I see changes such as the ones to controller naming convention (showAction instead of executeShow) and am curious how this will be managed.

Symfony is the best thing to happen to PHP!!
I hope to begin my next project with new Symfony 1.1...


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where can i find new form examples?
Fabien, please commit the sfFormPropel class already! :D

@Celso, you should check the slides on Fabien's blog.
Also the unit tests could be of some help.

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