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The "Practical symfony" book is now also available for Doctrine

Last week, we released the "Practical symfony" paper book (380 pages). The "Practical symfony" book is based on the Jobeet tutorial, and is the best book to read to get you started on symfony 1.2. It describes everything you need to know to develop professional web applications with the symfony framework.

As for the Propel edition, we have worked hard to update the Doctrine edition as fast as possible. The Doctrine version is now up to date and thanks to Jon work, you can even enjoy a tagged repository for each day of the tutorial.

And because promises are made to be kept, I am happy to announce the immediate availability of the "Practical symfony" paper book for Doctrine.

Paper book


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The "Practical symfony" book is now also available for Doctrine

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Is online version also updated to latest edition? The online version is synchronized with the paper version... or the other way around...
The online version is more up to date than the printed book :-) It will always be. But the book is great, holding it in my hands and realizing how much 24 days are. Thanks Fabien & Jonathan
I did not read this update but I noticed it on the Doctrine tutorial page yesterday and ordered a copy immediately. Thanks (still wish I could make a PDF!).
Very nice - I just ordered it because I enjoy reading a book instead staring on the screen once in a while.

Congrats for your decision to publish the books via I think I suggested this a year ago for the symfony book, and I still think it would be great if also the symfony book would be available via

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