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The "Practical symfony" book is now on sale

Two years after the publishing of "The Definitive Guide to symfony" book, I am happy to announce that the Jobeet tutorial is now available as a printed book: "Practical symfony".

During the last two weeks, I have updated and enhanced the Jobeet tutorial based on the feedback from the community. I have also updated the screenshots to reflect the new Jobeet design. The "Practical symfony" book is the printed version of this tutorial and as such covers the symfony 1.2 version.

The book is available in two editions: Propel and Doctrine. You can already buy the Propel version. Jon is working on the Doctrine version and the book will be available very soon.

The book content is the same as the one available on the website. The only differences are the table of contents and the day 24 cross-references, where all links have been converted to page references.

If you want to read the Jobeet tutorial comfortably in the train or in your bed, or if you simply want to support the symfony project documentation effort, you can buy the book on

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Dang it! I wish I had time to read it before I take my foreign hiatus. I'd be really upset if this were the Symfony 1.2 Forms book.
Great effort!

I hope Jon will manage to work more Doctrine specific tips and best practices into the tutorial before releasing this book. When reading the Doctrine version online, I was a little bit disappointed by the fact that it looked like only every occurence of "Propel" had been replaced by "Doctrine".

It requires quite some knowledge to get Doctrine models done nicely and beautiful, and I would wish that the Doctrine version of the Jobeet tutorial would focus more on exactly these best practices that are absolutely essential for any beginner.
I enjoy reading a book much more than reading on a monitor..

we all need to stare at this thing the whole day.. so this one is first choice! thank you! bought it! :)
Will the book be available via traditional bookstores like Amazon, as the first symfony book ?
@Nicolas MARTIN: short answer: why? long answer: we are working on it. The great advantage of is that you always buy the latest version of the book as the book is printed on demand.
@Fabien: It would really be cool if you could release the great documentation system as open source (maybe a plugin?) as it is really a helpful thing for any symfony project. And maybe create a little tutorial how to get a printed version of such a documentation.
Peut-on espérer vu que les impressions se font à la demande d'avoir une version française. Il est tout de même regrettable qu'avec une société francaise à l'origine du projet d'avoir autant de retard pour les traductions et de ne compter que sur le travail communautaire. J'avais déja acheté plusieurs exemplaires du symfony book en anglais, puis acheté une formation (en francais). Il est dommage que cet argent ne soit pas réutilisé pour notre belle langue.
A défaut le script qui génère le pdf (il doit s'agir d'un script puisqu'il est mentionné que l'impression sera la dernière version) pourra-t-il être fourni pour imprimer la future version francaise.
De même Fabien, tu nous avais promis un PDF :
Could be a useful book.
The comments about the lack of French language versions of symfony books seem fair enough. Although interestingly that other great PHP framework - Drupal - has Flemish origins but rapidly moved into an English-speaking and therefore global environment. I'm not aware of many Drupal books printed in Dutch.
It's time to learn the English language...

I'm not so fluent in english, but I read the definitive guide pretty easily. Thank you for this tutorial Fabien, and this printed book is definitively a good idea. I'm waiting for the Doctrine version ! And the next one ? The definitive guide v1.2 ? Maybe every official documentation ? Ok ok, i'll wait. Is there any signed version ? Huhuhu sorry, I'm a fan-boy... ;)
If only wasn´t such a slow website... *sigh*

But I will keep trying!

Hehe, the captcha is "rails fixed" *lol*
Just bought the paperback version to complement the original "Definitive Guide" that I bought earlier this year.

I know that the Jobeet tutorial is online, but I thought I'd express my gratitude to Fabien and Sensio in monetary terms. Thanks guys for all your hard work.
GREAT! I wanna buy!

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